Friday, April 20, 2007

Open Letter To Ronnie Earle, Florence Shapiro and Molly Ivins:

All C.I.A. operations in South Texas go back to Kenedy and Jim Wells counties. Kenedy, King, Stillman, House, Armstrong & Yturria (Swiss Banker for Mifflin Kenedy & Richard King). Anne Legendre Armstrong (best friends with Kay Bailey Hutchison) & Husband Tobin represent the Link to the Royalty of England and the Dirty Deeds of the Kings Rangers (Texas Rangers). Some upper level C.I.A. operatives want the old school out and feel that it's time to come clean.

Ronnie Earl
Travis County DA
Austin, TX.

Dear Mr. Earl:

I had spoken to your assistant DA previously re. the Pitonyak/Cave case. I had told FBI agent Andy Walton and Texas Ranger Robert Garza about my concerns for a company in Alice, Texas which imported Chlorine and Bromide from Tampico, Mexico on the Texas Mexico Railway. This company had an office at the Alice, Texas airport. Odd, I said, that a commodity that is the perfect cover for contraband (dogs have a very hard time smelling anything through chlorine and bromide) and ships by rail from Mexico should have a facility at an airport. Jennifer Cave's grandfather started this company.

What precipitated this conversation with Walton and Garza (from Alice, TX) was that I was investigating the death of my son in Houston on December 10, 2000. Agents for the company who controlled the Halliburton/Dresser boat my son was on the night of his death were from Alice, TX. My son's body was found burned beyond recognition near Ellington Field, Houston and parties from the boat were linked to the Houston Gulf Manor Airport not far away. Ellington was home to James R Bath and GWB during their Texas Air National Guard days and Houston Gulf Manor was owned at the time by the Bin Laden's having been purchased by Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi Royal Family's banker, for the Bin Ladens. Others connected to my son at the time worked for an associate of Tony Coelho, who was Al Gore's former campaign manager living in Houston. Gore conceded the presidential race on December 13, 2000 but made the decision to do so on the night of December 11, 2000. Something else happened the morning of December 11th just at the nation anguished over the Supreme Court's decision concerning our next president. The grandson of my parishioner, Oliver "Buck" Revell, supposedly committed suicide in his Dallas home that morning. His car was found two blocks away on the side the of the road. The door was open. He supposedly shot himself with his father's 9mm in his father's closet. This was the son, I believe of Revell's son who was suppose to have flown home on Pan Am 103 with Matt Gannon, the CIA agent son-in-law of Thomas Tweeton. Revell's son changed his itenary. Gannon died on the flight and is mentioned in SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL, by CIA agent Robert Baer. No one believed at the time I called Buck that his grandson was suicidal. I asked Buck for his help in my son's investigation. He gave me the name of Houstonian, Bronislaw Mogenis, a fellow former FBI agent and security head at Lockheed Martin, on whose board sat Mrs. Dick Cheney. Mogenis refused to take my son's case after hearing who was involved. Revell and Tweeton were the damage controllers for the FBI and CIA's Iran-Contra involvement, respectively. When I sent a letter to hundreds of Presbyterian ministers making this connection and linking it to the story of journalist Gary Webb (Dark Alliance) on December 5, 2004, Webb turned up dead of a suicide (two shots to the head) on the anniversary of my son's death, December 10, five days later.

The corporate agent for the boat from Alice, TX. had moved to Rowlett, TX where he lived two blocks away from Buck in the same neighborhood. Not far north in Princeton, TX is George W Cave. Cave who was brought into the Iran-Contra scandal when at the insistence of Thomas Tweeton, he replaced indicted Iran-Contra conspirator with Richard Secord, Albert Hakim. Find a link to George W Cave and Jennifer and you'll have what you need to get to the truth of her murder. Please don't disregard this information.

I don't believe that Pitonyak killed Ms. Cave. That's what I told your Assistant DA. You will find in these two deaths a horrific message to families possibly involved in Arkansas and Texas with the government sponsored criminal enterprises of our nation. If, Mr. Earl, you are what you say you are....and as your record seems to indicate at some levels...this case goes to the heart of the corruption of the two-head hydra that currently leads our nation and will take a true patriot to address it. Treason laws should be observed and parties should be lined up against a wall and shot...but the right parties! Families are being destroyed by this corruption at the same time we say we are promoting a better world afar. What hypocracy!

Jennifer Cave's funeral was performed by Anglican pastor Rev. David Stringer in Corpus Christi, a former pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kerrville, TX. This is VERY significant. IN addition, Randy DeLay was married by my associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, at Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church...on Stonewall...a street where another of the boat's corporate agents lived. That Pitonyak's attorney is from the same law firm that defended Tom Delay's close TrimPac associates is also VERY problematic.

I am currently concerned about the corruption, as well, at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office and the cover-up there that looks to me to go far beyond mishandling of DNA evidence to include falsification of records as in my son's well as the Harris County DA's office (Johnny B Holmes...related by marriage to a known Iran-Contra player, Jack Modesett... and Chuck Rosenthall...also from Alice, TX.), the independent investigation of Michael Bromwich which is being paid for with confiscated drug money promised by Rosenthall's office....the new South Texas District Judge, Chuck Rosenberg, appointed by Bush's new Attorney General and man of questionable sensibilities, Alberto Gonzales...and perhaps even Chuck Rosenberg's good friend Patrick J Fitzgerald whose employment credentials link him to Bush Whitehouse via Comey and Judge Walker, can't be far from the truth of this matter. Bromwich works for the Sargent Shriver New York Law firm and I wouldn't be surprised to find a strong tie between this firm and Patrick J Fitzgerald. Joseph P Kennedy, Shriver's kin, drilled oil wells in Texas with Modesett who was head of the Corpus Christi Symphony at one time just as Loren Hall, believed to be the grandfather of Laura Hall, who was with Pitonyak in Mexico, was head of the Corpus Christi COmmunity Band. This Loren Hall lives on the same street in Corpus Christi with David Stringer, the minister who performed Jennifer's funeral.

Corpus Christi, TX.

Open Letter To Texas Senator Florence Shapiro

Dear Senator Shapiro:

In 1997 I wrote to you to ask for your help. While Buck Revell's pastor in Plano, I was also the pastor of Plano mayor, John Longstreet, and City Manager Tom Muehlenbeck, who had also been a parishioner in my church in Galveston, Texas.
You remember that during your political campaign in 1990, there were racially charged actions and that I wrote a letter to the Plano paper and Dallas Morning News protesting these actions.
I believed that you were a friend. You wrote me thanking me for the strong words and thanked me in person on several occassions, twice at the Harvey Hotel where John Longstreet was manager.
When in 1997 I faced the wrath of a parishioner in Corpus Christi and lack of support from my Executive Presbyter, I asked if you would be willing to be a reference on my resume as I sought another church. You refused. I never knew why. The Plano Church had doubled in size in my 4.5 years there and I still had a good relationship with not only 90% of the congregation here, but with John, Buck, Tom, too. Howard Putnam graciously spoke at my church in Corpus Christi.
At issue in Corpus Christi was word that a prominent parishioner and lawyer was involved in a business that was conducting illegal activities. I was asked to intervene pastorally. I now know that this was a ploy to ferret out my sensitivities.
In August, 2000, my 23-year-old son moved to Houston where he lived with his uncle, a man I would later learn had a longstanding relationship with Iran-Contra figures in the Clear Lake area. When my son was murdered on December 10, 2000 I phoned Buck Revell for help. He acted stunned on the phone. "I can't believe you're calling me," he said. He explained that his grandson died the next morning in Dallas under equally mysterious circumstances.
Buck gave me the name of Bronislaw Mogenis, a security chief with Lockheed Martin and former FBI agent with Buck. Upon hearing the specifics Mogenis refused to help. You see, Patrick had been on a Halliburton/Dresser 60' Hatteras moored at South Shore Harbor Marina the night of his death and his body was found near the tarmac of Ellington Field. Mrs. Dick Cheney was on the board of Lockheed Martin. Other parties from the boat were traced to Alice and Corpus Christi, TX. where the Iran-Contra network had deep ties in South Texas, as evidenced by the work of award winning Houston Post and Chronicle journalist and attorney, Peter M Brewton, the son of another Presbyterian minister. Brewton's 1990 book, was the most censured in America in that year. It was in Brewton's book that I discovered that Iran-Contra player from Houston, Walter Mischer, was also on the board of Braniff when Howard Putnam was President and CEO. I would later learn of Braniff ties to a parishioner of mine from Houston, whose businesses were linked to a pattern of narco-dollar laundering through HUD mortgages and exposed by the May, 2000 release of evidence in a qui tam law suit involving former Under Secretary of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts.

Two independent sets of forensics experts determined that the Harris County Medical Examiner had it all wrong and that rather than a suicide, Patrick was murdered. I traced parties from the boat to the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, purchased by James R Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz for the Bin Ladens. Bath, Bush's Air National Guard buddy, had owned the fuel concessions at Ellington.
I also did a comprehensive social diagram of the parties influencing decisions at the Harris County Medical Examiners Office including the Houston DA, Johnny B Holmes and his hand picked successor from Alice, Texas, Chuck Rosenthall.
More importantly, the Harris County Fire Department investigator conducting Patrick's investigation is named William Sivley, a name that has family ties to a similar Texas name, Sibley.
Buck Revell was working for Hollywood Casinos in 2000. A $23,000,000 site on Clear Lake, owned by Hollywood had to be sold when casino legislation wasn't forthcoming. The Pratt brothers of Hollywood couldn't wait for a return on their investment and began raping the company coffers. The SEC stepped in and indicted them placing Buck in charge of the clean-up of the company. There is a Robert Shapiro who was CFO of Hollywood Casinos at the time. Would you know him?

At the same time David Sibley of Waco was head of the Texas Gaming Commmittee of the Senate. I noticed that you and Sibley used Karl Rove for your campaigns and that you also served on Tom DeLay's committee currently the focal point of the Earle investigation...just recently having your telephone records provided to Earle, the Travis County DA. Also subpoened were the phone records of the Purple Sage Ranch in Bandera owned by Continental Oil, the company for which, Randy DeLay, Tom's brother, was corporate agent. There's a 3800' runway at that airport. That's a mighty long runway.

My assistant pastor in Corpus Christi had married Randy Delay at Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church, on Stonewall Street, Corpus Christi. A fellow associate pastor in Houston had worked with DeLay at Continental. Like you, he's now a politician from Oklahoma and bought his Houston Home using Sessions Mortgage Inc. Would you know if this Texas Mortgage company is/was owned by William Sessions of Waco and San Antonio, former FBI Director under GB #1? Sessions appears to have been bought by Commonwealth Mortgage, Houston, whose VP is Greg Cizik, a kin of Robert Cizik of Temple-Inland Inc. on whose board is L Paul Bremer, the first Iraqi Ambassador. They hob nob with Ms. Beechloss, head of the Carlyle Group and Robert Cizik had an office across the street from South Shore Harbor Marina, Houston, where the Halliburton/Dresser boat was moored on the night of my son's death.

In Corpus Christi, one block down Stonewall Street on the left lives another party from the boat that night.

If it was your child, Senator Shapiro, who had been burned to death in his car. What would you do? Would you at least write a letter denouncing such actions as similar to the practices of a Fascist state? Would you call for a clean-up of the Houston Medical Examiners Office? Who would you turn to for such help? The government? Really?

I would learn later that Revell was pointman for the FBI for damage control on Iran-Contra and that his counterpart at the CIA, Thomas Tweeton, had his son-in-law die on Pan Am 103. Scheduled to fly home with Matt Gannon, was Revell's son...either the father or uncle of the Buck's grandson.

In Austin in the last few months the death of two students has made the headlines and shaken many. Jennifer Cave and Trey Ehrhart. Few know of their connections to each other thorough Corpus Christi. I have written to the authorities about the connections of the two young people. Jennifer's grandparents were also from Alice, TX. Trey Ehrhart died shortly after my conversation with FBI agent in Corpus Christi, Andy Walton, Buck Revell's protege' and frequent visitor to Grace Presbyterian Church, Plano. I reminded Walton of my investigation in Alice and that I had specifically mentioned the business on the end of the Alice airport runway to him and a Texas Ranger,who sat in on the conversation...Robert Garza from Alice, Texas. The Alice business was started by Jennifer's grandfather.

"You realize that you two were the only two I told about this?" I said to him.

"Are you from Arkansas and a member of the Walton family?" I asked.

"The short answer to that is 'no', the long answer is 'yes'," he said.

"You're from Arkansas?" I said.

"Yes," he responded.

"Do you know the Corpus Christi Attorney who just when to Bentonville to become General Counsel for Walmart?" I asked.

"No," he said. "But it's all a game. A big game."

Pretty serious game, don't you think Senator?

George Cave was a key figure in Iran-Contra'weapons/drugs for hostages scheme that was an embarassment for the Reagan/Bush White House and which, reguardless of George Schultz's claims to the contrary, was never broken up by the powers that be.

I don't give a damn about your policital affiliations or Earle's who worked for John Connally. What I do care about is the Fascist state that is coming. Remember your own Jewish history, Senator. Remember your own history.

William H. Carr


From William Carr

Dear Florence:

Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize winning author from the San Jose Mercury News whose careet was destroyed for telling the truth about our government died on the anniversary of Patrick's murder.

What had he discovered? That the CIA and the Iran Contra netword was responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in the US. But it's much deeper than that and goes back much futher. Remember John Deutsch, CIA director under Clinton, went to Central LA after Webb's stories broke. Why? Because Clinton feared a race riot. The power structure was dumping drugs into our inner cities.

Follow the trail. Ambassador for Qatar is you former Texas Congressman colleague from Tanglewood area of Houston where GHWB had his address while in the White House (Joe Russo's owned by Sumner Redstone), Chase Untermeyer. He is married to the former Diana Cumming Kendrick of Sheridan, Wyo. They met in the White House the first week of the Bush administration where she was executive assistant to Boyden Gray, counsel to President Bush.

Most important is Hugh Smith Cumming of Sheridan Wyoming. He was not only the Surgeon General during the 1939 decision to create the narco-economy structure that is controlled by a few American power elites, but he was also in charge of the Tuskogee Experiment which used black American's as medical guinepigs just like in the prison camps of Nazi Germany.

Look it up for yoursefl and then ask why the Bush administation provides such unparalleled protection to our enemies.

They don't deserve your blind trust.

I am a simple man, Florence. I didn't know about this stuff when Revell was telling me that his agents were getting ready to poke holes in the buildings at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco. If I could go back and do anything it would be to say to him on the Sunday morning in the Grace Church narthex.....WATCH WHAT YOU DO!

I have written of this to people I know and trust. People who have known me for fifty years... my high school class. I tell them and anyone else who will listen before it's too late.

Dear Tony and SHS friends;

The problem is complicated. The 9/11 hijackers were from Saudis. Read SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL by Robert Baer, a former CIA officer in the Middle East. Look up Thomas Tweeton in the index. Tweeton was the CIA agent in charge of field agents and point man for the CIA's Iran-Contra proram. Tweeton's son, Matt Gannon (same last name used by the gay guy who found his way into the White House Press Corp without being screened...which may help to set the context why Scooter Libby is writing THE APPRENTICE published by Graywolf Press....funded by the Bush Foundation and why Libby was the attorney for Mark Rich, the blockade runner indicted by Guliani and Patrick J Fitzgerald, but released thanks to a Presidential pardon by Clinton) was also a CIA agent on his way to Washington to ask a pressing question. "WHY THE HELL DO FIELD AGENTS HAVE NOTHING ON THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WHICH SPAWNED AL QAEDA? Matt Gannon made arrangements to fly home from Frankfurt, Germany with the FBI agent's son who was in charge of the FBI's damage control for the Iran-Contra program, Buck Revell. Revell's son changed his schedule shortly before Matt Gannon flew home. Matt never made it. The jet was PAN AM 103. Buck Revell was my parishioner in Plano, TX.

Revell was also head of counter-terrorism for the FBI, Tweeton's counterpart for damage control for the Iran-Contra fiasco, and his son who didn't fly home on 103, was either the uncle or father of Revell's grandson who died in Dallas the morning after Patrick died in Houston. It was Buck whose voice cracked when I told him of Pat's death on December 10, 2000. Revell's grandson died on December 11, 2000., the morning after. It was also Buck who gave me the name of Bronislaw Mogenis, a former FBI agent, then a private eye in Houston. Mogenis declined to investigate after hearing the story. I lated learned that he was a top dog in security with Lockheed Martin on whose board sat Mrs. Dick Cheney. He gave me that name of another PI who worked on the case for a few months until he learned the names involved.

According to Baer, the CIA and FBI were using the Moslem Brotherhood (which originated in Egypt, migrated to Syria where it was squealshed by Assad and moved to Saudi Arabia where the terrorists movement was embraced by the Saudi Royal Family...including the Bin Laden's. So there are very definite distinctions to be made among Moslems and Moslems.)

Remember that Patrick's murder needed a corrupt Harris County Medical Examiner's office in Houston to pull it off. That's exactly what Houston has...a license to kill with impunity. This was confirmed to me by an ME who had moved to Travis County but who had worked in Harris County for 19 years.

Patrick J Fitzgerald's buddy, Chuck Rosenberg...not to be confused with Harris County DA...Chuck Rosenthal... was appointed US District Judge this summer for the South Texas District and will handle any prosecution coming out of the independent investigation of Michael Bromwich (who happened to have been the Justice Department's Iran-Contra prosecutor and who now works for the Sargeant Shriver law firm in NY....connected to the Joseph P Kennedy family) and who was appointed by Geneva Convention rejector and ethically challenged Attorney General Roberto Gonzalez.

Rosenberg worked for an attorney named Comey who happened to work for US Judge John M Walker, a nephew of George Herbert Walker. Patrick J Fitzgerald, on the other hand, is NOT from Chicago, but from NY where he received the Henry L Stimson Award from the NY Bar Association. Stimson, FDR's Secretary of War and head of the Manhattan Project was also running the American Volunteer Group of Claire Chennault out of the White House just like Nixon's Plumbers and Reagan's Iran-Contra's. Stimson was using Edward Stittinius, Lauchlin Currie and Tommy "the Cork" Corcoran...all of whom have deep ties to Texas. Chennault trained at Ellington Field and was a know drug runner, using Chaing Kai Chek's Green Gang to fund his operation.

You Missouri boys should be concerned, since in St. Louis is George Herbert Walker III who serves, among other things, on the Board of Washington University.

George Herbert Walker Bush is named after George Herbert Walker. GHWB'S son, Neil Mallon Bush, is named after Neil Mallon, long-time head of Dresser Industries. Halliburton had bought Dresser Industries which owned the boat Patrick was on the night he died. The son of the Dresser executive was indicted for money laundering and racketeering in the 80's...about the time of Iran-Contra. That was about as deep as the judicial surgery relative to Iran-Contra went. It would have all been too embarassing for companies like Coca-Cola, United Fruit, Dresser, Halliburton, and the others. Dresser had bought Harbison-Walker Inc. which had massive asbestos claim which were effectively derailed by federal legislation pushed by? Yep....GWB...who, by the way....will need alot of support on the Supreme Court to insure that this legislation is not overturned.

Here's a letter I sent out after finding out what was going on in Houston in the way of covering up the crimes of the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office.

The Dean of South Texas Law School, Mr. Gerald Treece, appeared on TXCN news, a Texas-only-news cable channel last week to say that the clean-up of the (Houston) Harris County DA's crime lab is the most important local news item to come down the Pike in some time.

If Houston, Texas weren't, thanks to the power of oil and the military industrialist complex that defends it, the shadow capital of the world, I'd say Mr. Treece was right. Instead he's wrong.

The Houston Crime Lab is the printing press for Mob and CIA get-out-of-jail-free-cards and licenses-to-kill.

This is the biggest local, state, national AND international news story to come down the Pike in the history of the Republic. Period. NO national scandal compares...not Tammany Hall, not the Texas Veterans Land Board Scandal, not Watergate, not Iran-Contra nor the S&L Scandal..though the Iran-Contra and S&L Scandal are part of this story.

Iran-Contra was operating out of Texas and Louisiana and thanks to a qui tam law suit involving former Under-Secretary of State at HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, we learned that Houston was also ground-zero of the S&L slime pit.

Drug money was being funneled through HUD loans to fund the Contras.

KBR, Halliburton, Temple-Inland (on whose board sits the CEO of the Carlyle Group), Air Products and Chemicals (on whose board sits L Paul Bremer), etc. all have a substantial presence in Houston and Ellington Field, Houston, was not only home to Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers during WWII, whose mercenary efforts were funded by Indo-China's drug money, but also home to key Iran-Contra personalities in the 1980's including James R Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard buddy.

Chennault's Flying Tiger Airline provided planes to Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation and David "Tex" Hill, was not only a Flying Tiger, but head the Texas Air National Guard when GWB and Bath were there together.

Michael R Bromwich of Sargent Shriver's Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobsen Law Firm in New York...who is now asking for more money to uncover the Harris County Crime Lab debacle?

His work for the Justice Department confirmed the findings of the San Jose Mercury New's Pulitizer Prize winning author, Gary Webb.

Webb, who supposedly committed suicide on the anniversary of Patrick's death five days after I sent letter to fellow Presbyterian ministers uncovering this mess, discovered that the CIA had funded Iran-Contra with money from the drug cartels.

Now Bromwich, who was the Justice Departments' point-man for the Iran-Contra investigation is going to uncover the problems at the Harris County Crime Lab? Really?

His investigation during Iran-Contra didn't lead to the dismantling of America's narco-money-laundering schemes and now drug money is going to clean up the problem at the Harris County Crime Lab? My nose isn't particularly sensitive, but this stinks.

Sargent Shriver's fellow patriarch of the Kennedy Clan, Joseph Kennedy, was drilling oil wells in Texas with one of the Iran-Contra personalities related to former Harris County DA, Johnny B Holmes, John H. "Jack" Modesett.

It was really under Holmes' watch that the Houston crime lab turned to mush. It's Holmes' hand-picked successor, Harris County DA, Chuck Rosenthal, who is offering to use confiscated drug money to un-stick Bromwich's "independent investigation" which has run short of cash. Two million wasn't enough. He needs three million to filter the fiasco. My best bet is that next month it will be four.... and the bucks are sure to be there!


To continue, read former Houston Chronicle writer and author, Peter Brewton's book, THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH and look up "Kennedy, Joseph P" in the index. It's all there. You'll have to look hard to find it.

This is why Brewton's work was the most censored book in American in 1990 and why the mainline media ignored him and why this talented, award winning author is now a journalism professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

I didn't know Brewton before Patrick's death, but out paths were crossing in Houston for years. The son of a Presbyterian minister he attended First Presbyterian Church, Houston, where, Modesett teaches Sunday School. Now a professor at Texas Tech in Lubbock he is an award winning journalist, but his book was squelched by the Bush machine. He says in the preface that had the Democrat won the 1988 election, he would have named the book THE MAFIA, CIA and LLOYD he's hardly a partician hack.

According to Brewton, Tiger Airline, the Louisiana company of WWII "hero" Claire Chennault (for the truth about this episode in US history and the China narco connection to America's power politics read Seagrave's THE SOONG DYNASTY) was supplying airplanes for Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation. Seal, you remember was murdered before he could testify in the Iran-Contra investigation, though it was his plane shot down in Nicaragua that led to the North/Poindexter/Abrams indictments.

Now for the kicker. Barry Seal's Lear Jet was owned by Gary Levitz, son of the Levitz Furniture mogul who employed the father of Peggy Noonan, speech writer for Reagan and Bush and the woman who coined the phrase "1000 points of light". You can imagine my surprise to see her sitting in the congregation during the funeral of a prominent Corpus Christi physician, Dr. Jackson Giles, whose father was also a prominent physician. Not far from the church on Ocean Drive is the home in the 3000 block that was purchased by Gary Levitz who had a number of hangars at the Corpus Christi Airport. Convicted of drug dealing he spent a couple of years in jail and died in Reno, NV a couple of years ago while racing airplanes.

When I came to the church in Corpus Christi they told me it was troubled church. They never tell you what that means. Well, they kindof do, buy emphasizing the Reformed Theological concept of "total depravity"....meaning that there's no aspect of life that not trained by corruption. Here's what it means. In 1940, about the time that Claire Chennault was recruiting pilots for the American Volunteer Group (Tigers) while funding the group with narco-dollars from opium and heroin and who really worked for Chaing Kai Shek (who was working for the Chinese Triad, The Green Gang...again read the SOONG DYNASTY by Seagraves) there were four physicians and eight pharmacists indicted for drug dealing in Corpus Christi. While there were multiple confessions...and in 1940 that many pharmacists had the whole city covered...the first jury in the trial of Jackson Gile's father's trial hung. Others were convicted....some went to Levenworth. When Gile's case came to court the second jury hung as spite of all the confessions from the other trials. Consequently they were ALL released. The real interesting local story was WHO was on the second jury.

I was taken to see the bullet-proof limosine of Madame Chaing Kai-Shek in Corpus Christi. I guess I was suppose to understand the importance since my last name is Carr and Madame Chaing Kai-Shek's father was educated by North Carolina tobacco mogul, Julian Carr. In addition, Randy DeLay, whose brother Tom is in deep trouble, was married in CC by my associated pastor, Arnott Ward.

So anyway, they couldn't have a pastor who knew this information...or at least one who would care about the implications for the present and future.

The terrorists of 9/11 used their connections to these groups to get access to the US. The Lear Jet owned by Barry Seal and Gary Levitz was also owned by Wally Hilliard...the man who owned the Venice Florida flying school where Mohammed Atta, the lead 9/11 terrorist, was trained.

It's a tangled web. Patrick's body was found near Ellington Field, Houston...home of the Flying Tiger's Claire Chennault....of GWB and buddy James R Bath...while they were in the National Guard together. The Texas Air National Guard was, at the time of their training, headed by "Tex" Hill, Chennault's best ace and son of Presbyterian Missionaries to Korea. Edward Stittinius, head of US Steel AND Lend Lease during WWII and also Secretary of the Treasury and the nation's first UN Ambassador was also the son of Edward Stittinius Sr., best friend of Joseph P Kennedy, father of JFK. Stittinius's other sons went into the newspaper business in Texas not unliked fellow Presbyterian, Henry Luce who along with wife, Claire Boothe Luce, were big promoters of Chaing and Chennault. David Stitt, the president of Austin Seminary, is believed to have been named Stittenius at one time. Lauchlin Currie is believed to be related to a family of Presbyterian professors associated with the same seminary.

Chennault was recently given some postumous awards only after the last of WWII Generals who knew him died with their objections. Along with General Stilwell and Hap Arnold, they considered Chennault a pimp and drug runner NOT a patriot. So who was pushing for the awards? Good question! They are surely concentrated in Texas and Louisiana. At the ceremony was Tex Hill and Oscar Wyatt, head of Corpus Christi based Coastal Refineries and the US's biggest participant in the UN's Food for Oil scandal.

Five miles from Ellington is Houston Gulf Manor Airport...purchased by James R Bath and Khalid Bin Mhafouz (Banker for the Saudi Royal Family and BCCI....the Iran-Contra connected bank) for the Bin Laden family. That's why 1. Bush wanted the Bin Laden's out of the US after 9/11 and why the airport was dismanted after Patrick's deatha nd the 9/11 tragedy and 2. why the James R Bath's name was so fiercely guarded by the White House. I tracked parties from the boat to that airport.


An Open Letter to Ronnie Earle and Florence Shapiro:

Dear Mr. Earle and Mrs. Shapiro:

Joseph P Fitzgerald was the prosecutor on the first World Trade Center explosion. Rudy Giuliani is now with Giulian and Bracewell Law Firm, Houston. Fromerly Bracewell & Patterson. Bracewell & Patterson was home to Robert Logan Clarke, whose name runs through Peter Brewton’s book, THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH with links to the S&L Scandal while Senator John McCain, whose committee was in charge of investigating the Abramhoff scandal was part of the S&L Scandal. Mr. McCain was a member himself of the “Keating Five” and the mess at Lincoln Savings. Joseph P Fitzgerald worked with Comey and Comey is the attorney partner of Karl Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, who is now with Patton Boggs and Comey was Giuliani’s right hand man. COMEY, BOYD AND LUSKIN. Patton Boggs is the law firm for Ms. Italia Federici and the Council on Republican Environmental Advocacy, the money laundering mill and political pressure group influenced by Jack Abramhoff who was funneling money to Tom DeLay and others. Two weeks after Patrick’s death his aunt went to the Grand Coushatta Casino in Minden Louisiana to “try to get away from the stress of it all”. The Coushatta tribe was one of three whose money was being funneled to Italia Federici’s group. In her testimony before the House Select Committee on Indian Affairs chaired by Senator John McCain from Arizona, she repeatedly denied lying, but the committee members were incredulouos (or attempted a good show at looking that way) and stated again and again that they believed Mrs. Federici was lying and that she was the gofer for Abramhoff. Any way you cut it, Abramhoff and Federici are being sacraficed to cover the deeper corruption and to "stop the bleeing" from what is a bigger cancer on the America's political system. She mentioned the connection of her organization to the Teamsters, but wisely avoided pointing out McCain's connections to Lincoln S&L.

James B. Comey was Deputy Attorney General of the United States, serving in President George W. Bush's administration. As Deputy Attorney General, Comey was the second-highest ranking official in the United States Department of Justice(DOJ) and ran the day-to-day operations of the Department. He was appointed to the position after serving as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. In August 2005, Comey left the DOJ and he is now General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin
Comey graduated from College of William & Mary in 1982, and the University of Chicago Law School in 1985.
After law school, Comey served as a law clerk for United States District Judge John M. Walker, Jr. in Manhattan. Then, he was a partner for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in their New York Office. He next joined the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, where he worked from 1987 to 1993. While there, he served as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division.
Before becoming Deputy Attorney General, Comey served as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from January 2002 to the time of his confirmation. From 1996 through 2001, he served as Managing Assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the Richmond Division of the United States Attorney's office for the Eastern District of Virginia.
In April 2005, Comey announced that he is leaving the DOJ in the fall. In August 2005, Comey was appointed as General Counsel and a Senior Vice Present of Lockheed Martin. This put him close to Bonislaw Mogenis, security at Lockheed Martin and good friend of Buck Revell whom Revell gave me as the best choice to determine what happened to Patrick after being on the Halliburton/Dresser boat that night. This chain of relationships shows a direct link to the Bush family through Comey to John M Walker and of course thorough Lockheed Martin on whose board sat/sits Mrs. Dick Cheney, wife of the Vice-President.


WH Carr

Correction in Open Letter to Mr Earle and Mrs. Shapiro.

"Joseph P Fitzgerald" should read "Patrick J Fitzgerald".


Open Letter to
Senator Florence Shapiro and Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle

In my previous letter I said that following the investigation of the death of my son in Houston, I had met with FBI agent and protege' of Oliver "Buck" Revell, Andy Walton in Corpus Christi. At that meeting was Texas Ranger, Robert Garza, from Alice, Texas. This is significant because Jennifer Cave's grandfather is from Alice and I had mentioned to them a specific company in Alice. They were the only two I told of this information. On numerous occassions I called Mr. Walton to ask for a full-scale investigation into my son's death. He said that it involved organized crime and routed me to an organized crime FBI unit in Houston. HOUSTON? Where I had already learned about the HCME's connections to organized crime? I called him back to say that they did nothing. I asked him to intervene. Still NOTHING!

Agent Walton and Ranger Garza were the only two I had told about the company at the end of the Alice, TX airport runway with ties to my son's case. I didn't know at the time that this business was created by Jennifer Cave's grandfather. I had discovered, however that Greg Cizik, the VP for Commonwealth Mortgage, Houston was involved with USA Environmental Inc. and that as VP of Commonwealth he was also an associate of one of my Houston Presbyterian elders who controlled First City Financial, named in a qui tam law suit which involved Undersecretary of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, and which revealed a system of narco-dollar laundering which required the knowledge and compliance of the US Treasury and the Comptroller of the US Currency.

Catherine's grandfather is William Chaney Custer. The name of the company is Tetra Technologies Inc.. You will find this company in the web records of the Center for Public Integrity for its involvement as a contractor for the Iraq/Afganistan war/s.

Why is this important? Because Tetra Technologies Inc is a $1.2 Billion recipient of Federal dollars created by the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and on its "team" is another Texas company called USA Environmental Inc...which receives $12,000,000 of dollars. Both companies are involved disposing of spent ordanance. In other words, they are part of the waste disposal and clean up from the wars our government intiates. Good job if you can get it...and they can! USA Environmental Inc also does business in Houston with Hub City Environmental Inc., whose owner is a partner with Patrick's uncle....the one who worked with known CIA assest for Iran-Contra, John Mecom.

So how does a Texas company that imports bromide and chlorine across the Mexican border get into dismantling of military weapons?

On the Halliburton/Dresser boat the night of my son's death was Rudy Johnson of Hub City Environmental Inc out of Pearland, TX with significant business relations with USA Environmental. Mr. Johnson was the business partner of brother-in-law who told me that the Halliburton/Dresser boat was going to make him "fabulously wealthy".

What's more important is that USA Environmental is also doing business with Greg Cizik from Houston and relative of Robert Cizik of Temple-Inland on whose board is L Paul Bremer and Afsaneh Mashayehi Beschloss, President of the Carlyle Group and spouse of famous Presidential Historian, Harvard grad with Bremer and Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Beeschloss....hey, be sure to write you own history!!!).

Isn't it nice to know that our nation is led by people who, as in the case of the Mena Train Deaths, will kill anyone who gets in their way...even kids. Doesn't this make you proud as pudding to be an American? What did my son so do to deserve being burned to death in his car? What did Jennifer Cave do to deserve to die as she did? The Mena boys? Revell's grandson? Gary Webb?

More to come will be the connection of San Antonio UT student murdered in Austin who lived near Jennifer, Trey Ehrhardt.

Tetra Technologies will show a California address and President, James M Jaska.

Mr. Jaska was formerly VP of Whalen & Co., 3475 Mt Diablo Blvd #360, Lafayette, CA 94549.
Address AKA 3475 E Foothill Blvd Fl 3, Pasadena, CA., 91107-6024. (See file # 0013072906 in the Texas Incorporation Records, February 7, 2000)

President of Whalen & Co. was Michael Bush. (10:1 that Michael Bush is member of the Bush family from Conn. and TX....Mr. Earle, you could help out here don't you think?)

One other thing. After Patrick's death we were encouraged by Patrick's uncle and associate of attorney, Robert Fickman, whose wife was in charge of PR for the Houston Police, to see a forensic psychiatrist in Houston named Seth Silverman. According to Patrick's grieving uncle Mr. Silverman would be able to tell us about his what causes a seemingly normal, happy young man to take his life by buring himself to death.

Mr. Silverman, it was learned, was a regular at court trials involving drug dealers in Houston. What's more he was related to Jeffrey Silverman, a New York financier who supposedly committed suicide in 2002. A close contact of George Leon Argyro, who is a close friend of William Stamps Farish. Among those at Jeffrey Silverman's funeral were Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Ron Perelman, George Pataki and former Governor Hugh Carey. Giuliani, by the way, is now with Giuliani and Bracewell, formerly the law firm of Bracewell & Patterson, Houston for which worked former Comptroller of the Currency, Robert Logan Clarke, whose managing partner, Patrick C Oxford had just bought his Houston home from the president of my seminary, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, David Stitt. Oxford used my son's little mortgage company owned by his uncle's friend, Patrick Scott Stone. You can see why I am deeply concerned for why the Justice Department's Iran-Contra investigator Michael Bromwich and Patrick J Fitzgerald friend Chuck Rosenberg are so involved with the HCME investigation.

Jeffrey Silverman was previously married to Pam Deutsch. Would either of you know if Pam Deutsch is related to CIA director, John Deutsch, who appeared at the town hall meeting in LA following the public outcry from those reading the Gary Webb discoveries? (Again, Mr. Earle, you could lend a hand here don't you think?)

Jeffrey Silverman and Thomas Hajecate, the son-in-law of the Halliburton/Dresser Executive whose name was on the Coast Guard records for the "Sea Note", previously "Miss Heather", the boat my son was on, have common connections according to and their social diagrams of significant personalities.

Houston psychiatrist, Seth Silverman, owns the Littlefield House, 2604 Rio Grande, Austin. Isn't that interesting?


"Catherine's grandfather is William Chaney Custer" should read "Jennifer's grandfather is William Chaney Custer"

Also, Seth Silverman has the following address in the Travis County records. Is Cheryl Wood the assistant to the Dean of Students at UT?:

AUSTIN, TX 78756-3725
Location 4105 MEDICAL PY 78756

The reason I ask about whether Cheryl Wood who works in the Dean of Student's Office is the Cheryl Wood on Seth Silverman's tax records for 4105 Medical P. Austin, is because the former UT Dean of Students, William Cunningham, is deeply connected with other players in this bizarre tale. The names Mauze, MoRan, Wharton, etc are all well known to me through Presbyterian circles....well, here....Robert Bruce, in the pastor of First Presyterian Church, Austin. Jean Mauze is the son of the former pastor of First Presbyterian Church San Antonio, TX. Perhaps someone can tell me if disgraced politician and Vietnam War Hero, Randy Cunningham is related to William Cunningham of UT and whether or not J Taylor Wharton is related to the prominent Presbyterian Whartons in Austin at the same seminary with Stitt and Curries?

And talking about separation of Church and State!? HAH!

At the outbreak of the Iraq War Bush's boys were asking America's pastor to be come like the "black robes" of the American Revolution...the ministers who took up arms against the Brits with G Washington. If we did that we'd have to behead our own President first, don't you think? Does anyone act more like King George?

Here's one of the Rumsfeld/Cunningham/MoRan/Presbyterian connection...

Freeport McMoRan Inc.

Head Office:
USA, 70161
Phone: (504)-582-4000
Schmidt was a director of Freeport McMoRan Inc. from 1954 until 1997, when he retired and was named chairman emeritus. (Schmidt's bio also lists him as having been a director of Gilead Sciences Inc., where former AHF Trustee and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had been a director since 1988.) Other directors of Freeport McMoRan have included Robert W. Bruce III, president of The Robert Bruce Management Co. investment managers (1989 to the present); former presidential advisor Henry A. Kissinger (1988-1995); George Putnam, chairman of The Putnam Investment Management Co.; and also J. Taylor Wharton, chairman of the Department of Gynecology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Chancellor of the University of Texas System William H. Cunningham.
Freeport McMoRan 1994 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
In the 1960s and 70s, Jean Mauze, the husband of Abbey Rockefeller, benefactor of the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases attack on tobacco, was a director of Freeport Sulfur. (Freeport Sulfur's Powerful Board of Directors; Real History; and $10,000,000 Asked in Cancer Attack, by William L. Laurence. New York Times, March 9, 1954.)
Freeport Sulfur's Powerful Board of Directors / Real History
$10,000,000 Asked, 1954 / tobacco document
Between 1969 and 1972, Robert C. Hills, the President of Freeport Sulphur, and Charles A. Wight, its retired Vice Chairman, were trustees of Lenox Hill Hospital, whose Chairman expressed the gratitude of its Board of Trustees to the Council for Tobacco Research for funding the work of Sheldon Sommers. Sommers was later a member of the CTR's Scientific Advisory Board. Other trustees of Lenox Hill included Benjamin J. Buttenweiser, Limited Partner, and Thomas E. Dewey, Jr., Partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; and Honorary Life Trustee John J. McCloy, then Chairman of the Salk Institute, whose trustees engaged in assorted anti-smoking activism.
Paul W. Douglas
Paul W. Douglas was the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Freeport Minerals Company (1975-81) and Freeport McMoRan (1981-83); also Chairman of The Pittston Corp. 1984-91, and a director of Phelps Dodge Corp. from 1983-1999. He was elected to the board of directors of Philip Morris when Mary Woodard Lasker's stepson, Edward Lasker, retired in 1980. Douglas was on the board of Philip Morris until 1995. Paul W. Douglas was the son of Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-IL), who in 1965 was one of four Senators who urged President Johnson to veto the Cigarette Advertising and Labelling Act because of its provision postponing the Federal Trade Commission's rule requiring health hazard warning in cigarette advertising. His son, Philip Le Breton Douglas, married Elizabeth S. Kean, the niece of anti-smoker Gov. Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey. (Elizabeth S. Kean Affianced. New York Times, Dec. 12, 1982.)

Here's why I ask about William Cunningham (correction...former UT President and Chancellor) and Randy because of the proximity of DeLay to this mess....AGAIN...MR. EARLE....YOU CAN GIVE US SOME HELP HERE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

"• Texas prosecutors are investigating possible ties between Rep. Tom DeLay and lobbyist Brent Wilkes, who was linked to former Rep. Randy Cunningham."

Trey Ehrhardt's grandparents are, like Jennifer Cave's and Laura Hall's, from the Corpus Christi area. They were married by Presbyterian Minister, Hal Bray, a top Presbyterian Executive in the Synod of the Sun and head of the Denomination's news service. He taught school in Taft, Texas only a few miles from Corpus Christi, a city named after the brother of William Howard Taft, Chales P Taft, who owned the Rincon Ranch there, a favorite hunting site for the president. William Howard Taft shares with GWB a legacy in the Yale Skull & Bones secret society club. The nation's most secretive political administration has its roots in an organization which has been characterized as a type of mafia.


Dear Mr. Turley:

First, several months ago I wrote you concerning the death of my son in Texas on December 10, 2000 and the death of the grandson of the highest ranking non-appointed FBI agent under William Sessions, the grandson of my parishioner Oliver "Buck" Revell the following morning, December 11, 2000. It was on this day that Al Gore made his decision to drop his claim to the presidency. My brother-in-law in Houston had been working for John Mecom, partner of Gore's former campaign manager, Tony Coelho.

These dates and the connections, social and geographical, of these boys to the political circumstances in America underscore your concerns that we have Commander In Chief who is out of control.

I would appreciate it if you would circulate the following website among your connections.

Secondly, are you related to the Turley Law Firm, home of Sylvia Demarest in Dallas Texas? Do you know if Ms. Demarest is related to David F Demarest, former colleague of Chase Untermeyer and Peggy Noonan and now at Condalezza Rice's Stanford University where his heavily involved in Biometrics, a program which is heavily involved in the facial recognition software technology being pushed in the wake of 9/11. This was the pet project of Ms. Rice when she was there.

William H Carr


Open Letter to Florence Shapiro and Ronnie Earle

Since you two are in Austin, do you know if Harry M Whittington, who was appointed by Governor George Bush to the top funeral regulation agency in Texas at the height of a scandal involving SCI, the corporation of Iran-Contra asset, John Mecom, and former Gore campaign manager, Tony Coelho, is related to the Whittington boys who were working with Gary Levitz mentioned in my previous post?
Gary Levitz was working with Don and Bill Whittington from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Armstrong is on the board of the King Ranch with a Fort Meyers sugar and lumber magnate named Hilliard only 40 miles from Wally Hilliard's Venice Florida Flying School where Mohammed Atta trained. Bill and Don Whittington owned a Lear Jet owned by Barry Seal, the governments key witness in Iran-Contra who was murdered in Baton Rouge, LA before he was able to testify.

Mrs. Armstong sat on the board of Braniff with Iran-Contra asset Walter Mischer, the Houston Developer who Peter Brewton shows had purchased the 700,000 acre Iran-Contra training ground in Belize with Coca-Cola's CEO, Charles W Duncan.

Next door to Hilliard's Huffman Flying school in Venice Florida is Duncan Aero, which traces back to the Duncan's in Texas.

Florence, you know that I know Braniff, since the Braniff CEO, Howard Putnam, was a member of my Plano Church along with the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell.

We are in the midst of a HUGE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!


Open Letter To Molly Ivins

Dear Ms. Ivins:

You say in a recent editorial that Mr. Cheney was vice-chair of the committee that investigated Iran-Contra and that he was author of the minority report. WELL HELLO!

Then will you PLEASE ask your friends in the media to drop their Democratic and Republican bull crap and start a serious investigation of the slimy weasels that are killing kids...not only on the battlefields of Vietnam and Iraq, the backstreets of foreign nations, but in our own communities.

The reason that the hunting incident in South Texas was dropped first to the CC paper is that this paper has a history. Brown & Root...KBR, now...built the military base in CC for the Johnson Admin during the Vietnam War. Bell Helicopter were repaired here throughout the Vietnam War. Indeed the President of West Point has a home on Mustang Island where a decision of the Army Corp of Engineers to build a pass to the Gulf of Mexico just pumped the land values of not only General Lennox, but of many others including the K-TEAM USA properties....K-TEAM....I suspect from K Street...and identified as one of Oliver North's code names for Iran-Contra (see FBI agent Richard Taus' testimony). Send a covey of reporter to the Nueces County Courthouse and see for yourself, and then ask who owns/owned these properties and why.

The CC Caller Times was until recently owned by Houston Harriman Hart. in BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, the company of the Bush family. He's the close kin of Edward Stettinius (wrongly spelled Stittinius above...but for a specific purpose since none of my "friends" at Stitt's seminary would tell the truth about the Stitt/Oxford/Stettinius/Harte)connections. Oh, and here's a kicker....Stettinius' Dad was close buddies with Joseph P Kennedy...which means....well....what might that mean?

Who do you think runs this country? INTO THE GROUND!

I was a chaplain in the Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital where Mr. Whittington was taken after his "accident."

Give these morons warrantless searches and we'll reap a firestorm and NOT from Al Qaeda which is the real story in Richard Baer's book SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL as well as Bath's connections to Khalid Bin Mahfouz and the Bin Laden family in Houston, ie. the Houston Gulf Manor Airport. Don't think that if you saw George Clooney's SYRIANA that you saw the impact of Baer's book. Here it is....our leaders were employing Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood from Saudi Arabia to do their dirty work across the Muslim world. That's what Thomas Tweeton's son-in-law, Matthew Gannon was returning to the US to press. "WHY DO FIELD AGENTS HAVE NOTHING IN THEIR FILES ON THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?"

Well IT BACKFIRED! The crows flew up their kazoo and dropped a big one and now you and I get to live with more of their leadership with warrantless searches? PLEASE! Let's all put our head in a meatgrinder and crank the handle ourselves!


Open Letter To Ronnie Earle and Florence Shapiro:

It's Sunday night and I just watched the 60 Minutes program on global warming and the testimony of the Reagan era scientist who's been working on it for years....the cause, he says, is US!
He said that storms like Katrina will become common place, even as we continue to struggle to dig out of the mess of previous storms and irresponsible giving Carlos Marcello a levy around Churchill Farm when the City's levee desparately needed upgrading.

Afterward I watched Tim Russert, Molly Matlan, Maureen Dowd and others discussing Vice-President Cheney's handling of the shooting of Harry Whittington.

At first I believed that it was the underworld that killed Patrick and Revell. But they wouldn't be that bold without approval from someone even more powerful. And there was a horrific convergence of factors that brought these boys into the crosshairs.

At the Thursday night Republican National Convention during the 2004 election, a night that focused on VP Cheney, Jack Kemp was front and center...and remember Kemp was Catherine Austin Fitts' boss. Zell Miller ranted about wanting to live again in an age where duels were the norm so that he could shoot Chris Matthews (let Zell go hunting with Dick!)followed by Rene Gracida, retired Bishop of Corpus Christi and head of the Kenedy Foundation...a Texas money pot rife with intrigue and named after the same family as Kenedy County where the shooting took place.

Secretive Mr. Cheney, angry at how his empire and Mr. Bush's was being penetrated, invited Mr. Whittington to go hunting in order to send a message to him and everyone else in the organization. When Mr. Whittington didn't die with the first shot, it was a little difficult to pump another shot or two into him in front of so many unwitting witnesses.

Afterward Tim Russert I watched the story of our soldiers who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afganistan. I decided THIS IS ENOUGH. ENOUGH!

The week before the shooting of Mr. Whittington I sent a letter to a Washington journalist through computers located in England but which handle the sensitive medical information of Americans and which is supposed to be protected by HIPPA laws. Remember that the brother of White House spokesperson, Scott McClellan, is head of Medicare/Medicaid and that Bush buddy, Richard Rainwater, was the money behind Columbia Healthcare...the company with the biggest Medicare/Medicaid fraud case in US history. This letter, I believe, triggered the shooting at the Armstrong Ranch. These computers connect to parties at SCI, the company Mr. Whittington represented in a messy Texas scandal involving President Bush. Robert Gow, the man who first gave Mr. Bush a job in Houston is even part of the twist in his relationship to a company called TRIBUTE DIRECT which services the same SCI clients. SCI is as tied to the Democrats and Republicans as Molly is tied to James Carvill or as Clinton and Bush Sr. are tied to Mena, Arkansas. As previously mentioned SCI employs Iran-Contra assets as well as the former campaign manager for Al Gore a partner with John Mecom for whom Patrick's uncle ferried boats across the Gulf. These computers are linked to parties close to the British Royal Family and, of course, Mrs. Armstrong as Ambassador to Great Britain, is close to the British Royal Family from which our leaders learned the ins an out narco-dollar laundering and funding of covert activities from the Brits' Opium War experience. Indeed the owner of the computer company is on the board of the Royal London Opera House.

The week before his death, my son, wanting to earn more than he was making at his mortgage company, applied for a part-time job at Pappadeau's on the Jimmy Walker/Landry's Seafood Pier at Kemah near where he died. He also went to Landry's Jimmy Walker Seafood Restaurant at 210 Kipps. What's important about this is that at 310 Kipps is the office of this man.....

Mcginty Jerry 310 Kipp Ave Kemah TX 77565-2846 281-334-6552 9607 9703 R N 29.546220 -95.017800 3 USA 48167 - Galveston County 2920 - Galveston-Texas City, TX PMSA
Jerry McGinty Rt 3 Box 379 Huntsville, TX
other addresses....
12 Greenway Plaza #200
6009 Richmond #200
11711 Memorial #11
3300 Todville Rd
603 Bradford
715 Oak Rd

What's important about this? If this is the Jerry McGinty I believe it is...he is the head of Finance for the Texas Department of Corrections, on whose board is, yep, Harry M Whittington.

I already know how the Houston Police Department is controlled and how the corruption at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office evolved.

Patrick was for a year an intern with the Texas Parks and Wildlife in Rockport, TX., but with numerous connection in Corpus Christi among TPWL rangers. It was TPWL who was called to the Armstrong Ranch to help investigate the accident. Remember that TPWL is a unique fraternity overseeing the numerous public lands and parks that are portals to the Texas Coast. Remember, too, that Johnny B Holmes is the relative of Ned S Holmes a longstanding board member of TPWL and that both are related to Iran-Contra asset John H "Jack" Modesett who teachs Sunday school at First Presbyterian Church, Houston. Ned S Holmes is on the board of Prosperity Bank whose CEO is Robert A Garske, the relative of First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, business manager, Carl Garske, the same church as that of Arnott Ward who married Randall DeLay, brother of Tom. Can you begin to see the picture? This was the church where Peggy Noonan attended the funeral of the neighbor of Gary Levitz.

The letter featured this web site along with concerns for the scandal involving a historic Washington bank that has had the accounts of 95% of the foreign embassys.

Here it is, preceeded by some notes that hopefully helped to set the context......and by the way, Catherine Austin Fitts had contacted me through a journalist named Linda Minor, asking if it was Joe Allbritton who had tipped me off. I told her I hadn't heard from Joe Allbritton, nor did I then know about his connection to Iran-Contra players in Houston at the time. Brewton had only one reference to Mr. Albritton in his book. I since confirmed his importance with Peter.

Again, here is what was sent thorough the computer in England....

Joe Lewis Allbritton married Barbara Jean Balfanz on 2/17/1967 in Harris County. L#0336946. She lived at 5507 Lynbrook. He lived at Mecom’s Warwick Hotel #927. Minister was W R White.

Patrick Carr's uncle, Kevin Severance, worked for John Mecom ferrying his boats across the Gulf of Mexico. Multiple discussions with Pete Brewton (806-798-3463) re. Mecom's connection to Iran-Contra and Mischer. Brother-in-law scared to confirm publically connection of Mecom to Allbritton, Riggs National and Bush family.

Pete Brewton, Austin College grad. His father was Austin Seminary grad like me. Managing partner or Bracewell & Patterson, now Giuliani & Patterson, Patrick C Oxford, law firm of Comptroller of the Currency, Robert Logan Clarke, whom qui tam law suit involving Catherine Austin Fitts said had to know of narco-dollar laundering through HUD mortgages, bought Houston home of David Stitt, former president of Austin Seminary.

Joe Lewis Allbritton lived on the street with Leigh Flowers Bonner, Andrew Dossett McCullough, Betty Bingham Munson, Joseph L Cutler (John L Wortham & Sons), Walter Randall Corson, John W Bebout, Richard E Bean and David and Nicolle Domercq Zarr (Schlumberger & Heritage Homes Inc)

Allbritton was born in D’Lo, Mississippi. “Joe was always looking three furlongs down the road,” says Jack Valenti, an old Houston friend who became head of the Motion Picture Association and a director of Riggs. “Joe was always seeing clearly in this veil thing we call the future.”

Valenti, multiple DBA with JT Trotter, major player in S&L scandal and major figure in Brewton's MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH.

“President Gerald Ford invited Joe L Allbritton to watch the July 4 fireworks from the Truman Balcony.”

“The recent regulatory scandal---a blow to Rigg’s golden reputation---has been painful to the family.”

“They’v just been devoting 24-7 trying to clear that up and nothing has been enough,” says Charles Hall, a Houston friend and lawyer of Joe Allbritton’s.

Charles W Hall 1301 McKinney St Fl 51, Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston.
3417 Ella Lee, River Oaks Sec 7
2409 Stanmore Charles W and Mary L Hall, $1.1m.

Charles Washington Hall married Mary Louise Watkins 7/29/57 by Thos W Sumners.

Thos W Sumners is the minister link to Susan Garwood via his marriages performed for Leigh Flowers Bonner, Andrew Dossett McCullough and Betty Bingham Munson. See Susan Garwood in Brewton's index. See other notes on Susan Garwood.

Charles W Hall has RE deals in Harris Cty with Philip G Hoffman and Mary Harding Hoffman.

First City is also connected to horse racing and scandal in Kentucky and Texas...."First City struggled with economic woes after Calumet, one of the bank's biggest loan clients, folded. Shortly after the horse stables in bluegrass country declared bankruptcy, the Houston bank failed. The stables were later bought at auction.

First City Bancorp vice chairman Frank Cihak and four associates were later convicted on fraud and money laundering charges. Cihak was sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison in 1994."
Board of Directors include: C. Ivan Wilson who had been the CEO of Merchantile Bank, N.A., Corpus Christi. Richard E. Bean is on the board. Mr. Bean lives in Houston on Lynbrook. At 5656 Lynbrook is Robert Corson, Jr. son of ...."Houston good old boy and developer who owned Vision Banc Savings in Kingsville; Walter Mischer's former son-in-law; CIA mule; indicted along with Mike Atkinson for $200 million S&L land deal in Florida." -from Peter Brewton THE MAFIA, CIA AND GEORGE BUSH.

Dear Ms. Burns:

I am sending you some material, but just by visiting the blog address I sent you will help to give you an overview. The first letter from Walker Freeman was mine. I finally said, "the hell with it" and sent the letter to Florence Shapiro and to Ronnie Earle.

Why do you think that the Riggs scandal came out in 2004? Pinochet, for example, was a long time ago, what possible value would there be in the government bringing that out as late as 2004 if it wasn't to distance themselves from the Texas connections that are coming unraveled.

These people will stop at nothing to control information.


What's important about Mr. Cheney's showdown with Whittington is that he's now doing his own killing. That's good news!

In Corpus Christi where Mr. Whittington was taken to the hospital is, as I wrote above, K-TEAM USA properties that were used as payola for Iran-contra players and other friends of the "family". The channel cut through to the Gulf of Mexico pumped land values so anyone with the inside scoop on the ACE decision would simply have to hold the land and wait. It took a decision on the part of the Army Corp of Engineers...the elite group from each graduating class at West Point with trememdous power in determining fortunes, as with the Louisiana levees and the nation building exploits in distant lands.

Of decisions concerning the New Orleans has to wonder there too....
"Churchhill Farms was one of Marcello's great pride and joys. It's where he went to do a lot of his scheming. He had grandiose plans for it too. First, he had gotten the state of Louisiana to put dikes around the swampland, and then he had had the state install huge drain pumps to drain it. The next thing he wasnted was a superhighway going though it." (THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH, 1992, p. 314)

Both the Louisiana levee and highway would have required the approval of the Army Corp of Engineers like the Packery Channel between Padre Island and Mustang Island were the President of West Point has a home.

Who is the biggest promoter of this development? E Paul Schexnailder, 7801 Escala, Austin, TX.

Proximity, Proximity, Proximity.

Who's his neighbor at 7723 Escala? Joe M Allbaugh, Governor Bush's chief of staff, a third of the "Iron Triangle" with Carl Rove and Karen Hughes and the damage controller along with Harry Whittington in the Bush/SCI scandal.

When they get confused they can go down the street and talk with James R Moffett at 7849 Escala whose office is (or was before Katrina) at 7801 Poydras, New Orleans, LA.


Allbaugh preceeded Mr. Brown as head of FEMA. And 1615 Poydras? That's the address of FREEPORT-MCMORAN SULPHUR INC. (read above).

In the spring of 2000 I sat in a living room in Texas listening to reports of hurricane coming ashore. There were two employees of a Florida contractor that supplies communication equipment to FEMA and the CIA. "I'm glad FEMA's getting geared up," I said. "You don't really think that FEMA is about disaster response do you?" one said. "What do you mean?" I asked. He smiled. I looked at the other and asked him what he meant. He smiled at his friend, "Ah, nothin'," he said.

Americans have a right to know this stuff don't you think since it's your tax dollars going to pay for it?


Joe M Allbaugh was not only Bush's chief of staff for the Governor's office and damage controller for FUNERALGATE, he, was also Bush's 2000 election campaign manager which put him toe-to-tow with SCI's Tony Coelho, Gore's campaign manager working with John Mecom at Houston's SCI, who he was covering for in FUNERALGATE. So when my son was on the Halliburton-Dresser boat in Clear Lake......


Where are you Revell? This was your grandson, for Christ's sake. Whittington what do you have to lose, now, another face of buckshot? I'll lend you my BRAVEHEART tape. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Open Letter to Ronnie Earl, Florence Shapiro, and Molly Ivins:

If you look closely, and you don't have to mine the information, simply check out the obituaries in the newspapers. You will find a connection between Jennifer Cave and the name Willeford in South Texas.

You will also find that not only in 2000 was Dr. George Willeford, husband of Ambassador Willeford, assigned in 2000 (a rather important year politically) to oversee the Texas Prison System's Healthcare program, but that this program was missing about $20,000,000. You can see my concern about Mr. Whittington's connection to the Texas Prison System and to SCI, a company that interfaces rather closely with the healthcare industry as well as to the nursing home industry.

You will find that the company tied to Austin Gastronentrologists PA is Bailey Square Inc, One Park Plaza, Nashville, TN and that its officers are related to Colombia Health Care system mentioned above, now HCA after the collapse of Colombia and directly linked to Tennessee Senator Thomas Frist.

I would suggest that since the last bidder on the UAE ports deal was Singapore and that their last bid was on February 10, 2006, and that it has not been thirty days since that date, the media is being duped or feeding us a crock when telling us that the deal was speeded up to only thirty days review instead of the requisite 45 days. Why would they do that?

Can you think of a better way of deflecting attention away from Texas and the story brewing here even if the port story makes the administration look like baffoons?

Now a word of caution. This corruption is NOT a Republican problem or Democrat problem. IT IS OUR PROBLEM! Why should we trust either camp just now?


Open Letter To Ronnie Earle, Florence Shapiro and Molly Ivins:

Ambassador Willeford's husband, Dr. George Willeford, was appointed by then Governor George Bush to the Texas Department of Corrections Health Care Committee that split inmate care of 150,000 prisoners between UTMB, Galveston and Texas Tech. Willeford's appointment coincided with the appointement of Dr. Ben Raimer as UTMB's representative as chair of the committee.

May 2000 UTMB In The Headlines


Archived Headlines
March 2000

Local/national news
Galveston Daily News
Houston Chronicle
UTMB’S Raimer Appointed to Chair TDCJ Health Care Committee

GALVESTON—Dr. Ben G. Raimer, vice president of community outreach at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, was named chair of the Texas Correctional Managed Health Care Committee by Gov. George W. Bush last month.

The committee was created to develop a statewide managed health care network that provides correctional system clients with timely access to quality health care while also controlling costs. Raimer and the committee will work to improve the health status of the Texas prison population by applying basic public health prevention and education.


Dr. Raimer was Patrick Carr's doctor. Being our neighbor, Patrick used to swing on the swing set in Ben's front yard on Church St.


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