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Sandra Watts was an educator before earning her law degree

Post 126 Re: "I don't think Guy Watts and Mikal Watts are father/son....I know as a FACT that he does have a son...Guy Watts, Jr."

Guy Watts Jr. is Mikal's brother.

The Honorable Judge Sandra Watts is their mother.

Sandra Watts was an educator before earning her law degree.

"He (Mikal) also learned the value of hard work and persistence from his mother, who, after teaching school for eight years, went back and forth between two cities three times a week to attend law school in Houston while raising four school-age children in Corpus Christi."

Dear Mr Rangel,

The Caller Times continues to censor and manipulate public input while using the same censored material in their own articles and claiming it as their own work product. Below, the most recent material submitted to be included in the public comments for public viewing. On a positive note, we take it as a compliment.


Anton Haley

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jaime Kenedeno <>
Date: Dec 11, 2007 11:06 PM
Subject: Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007

WATT a Scam.....
Posted on December 11, 2007 at 10:57:25 PM by Jaime Kenedeno

Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007. History demonstrates that he has taken her back after filing for divorce 2 or 3 other times. Each time they patched things up $ Guy dismissed the case. I am not privy to the details but it appears his kindness was mistaken for his weakness. Of course, she wanted to stay living in the house however; she obviously didn't want him around performing his husbandly duties.

The husband has initiated divorce proceedings against Kimberly Kay Watts on three previous occasions. Each time he has relinquished (filed for non suit) which IMO shows he let her back in the marriage, he wanted to work things out and (that) she wanted to remain married to the man.




On Friday 12/07/2007 the husband filed for divorce for the 4th time.


Kimberly Kay Watts filed her answer on 12/11/2007 but, most likely learned of the filing on 12/09/2007 or 12/10/2007 and it is probable Kimberly Kay Watts was not a happy camper.

Kimberly Kay Watts is not listed with her husband as an owner of the Ocean Drive Property or any other property in Nueces County.

As far as Del Mar having problems, Guy is not the problem. Carlos Garcia, Ann Matula, John Graham and Judge Westergren along with the Fultonian Regents like Dawod, Adler, Mc Cambell, and Boggs who look the other way and cover up fiascos like the Teresa Cox Sexual Harassment Litigation including corroborated sex and pornography allegations against Judge Westergren and the Port Royal Alcohol/Sex incident in which Jose Rivera's initial investigation covered up both the alcohol and the sex. A hindsight investigation turned up a minuscule number of alcohol incidents and flat out denied the sex but expelled one female student for performance of sexual favors but administratively cited another reason for the expulsion.

Experience is a great teacher. I believe Mrs Kim Watts is pulling a "Dennis Rodman"; a tactical posture to "get the house".

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Google Yourself Corpus Christi: Gossip of South Texas Chismosos, go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop! LOL!


In the latest South Texas Independent Journalists Association (STIJA) survey, the public is demanding that Congressman Solomon Ortiz, his former aide Lencho "El Pescado" Rendon and State Senator "Sucio" Eddie Lucio should spend time in prison for their roles in the $21 million Port of Brownsville heist.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gossip of South Texas Chismosos, go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop! LOL!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

This article in today's San Antonio Express-News reads like a telenovela. Here are some excerpts, but you really need to read the whole article:
... Owner of a law firm that regularly refers high-dollar cases to the city's most powerful litigators, Celis developed a reputation as a generous player, handing out fat checks to Democratic candidates, hosting fundraisers and serving on the board of Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi.
..."Mauricio Celis with the law firm of CGT Law Group International does not have a law license in the state of Texas nor does he have a license to practice law anywhere in the world," announced Henry in the paid TV spot.
... In Texas, the unauthorized practice of law is a felony. It is also illegal for lawyers to share fees with non-lawyers or for non-lawyers to own an interest in a law firm, with certain narrow exceptions.

And according to the State Bar, Celis is not licensed to practice law in Texas.

Still, newspaper articles and even Texas Monthly have regularly identified him as a lawyer.
... Other Corpus Christi firms are believed to have taken lucrative referrals from CGT. But with Celis now under attack, not all of them wanted to confirm it.
... Mikal Watts, an even bigger fish in the local legal pond, acknowledged the relationship, but downplayed it.

"It's not a major part of my business. There may have been one or two cases in the past few years," he said.
I expect there'll be a few more developments on this story. Did any of the law firms that took referrals from CGT know that Celis was not licensed to practice law? Did any of them share fees with him?

A frequent commenter on this blog, Jaime Kenedeno, seemed to know about the relationship between Watts and Celis over a year ago. See his comment on " Sitting Judge - No Class" - January 6, 2006.


At 11:35 AM, DAC said...

problem is, I don't think the same rules apply in Mexico regarding a law office and a license, so these case runners set up "firms" in Mexico to funnel the cases (usually involving death cases of Mexican Nationals living in the US at the time of death) It is a major operation and not specifically illegal, thought the larger firms tend to use "buffers" - remembert the godfather - yea buffas...lots o buffas

At 12:47 AM, The Advocate said...

This is old news. It is common knowledge Maurico Celis has never held a JD or State BAR License.

Why now?

Why did Vance move to California?

When we revealed this information, nobody gave a damn.

And now?

TJ Henry, his actions speak for themselves.

Mauricio possesses a clientèle niche and is the manager of CGT Group. As far as referrals, it would be imprudent to turn down clients because a non attorney acting as an agent is the "referrer".

If I bring a high dollar case to any attorney,I expect to be compensated accordingly. We dont call it a referral fee as I am not referring the case. I bet Les Cassidy, TJ Henry, Abel Cavada and every other attorney rewards people who bring them money making cases. That is the real world people. The laws were made to allow attorneys to retain an inside track and charge the high rates. If the BAR had it their way, there would be no internet access to the written law. It is called a housekeeping issue.

Henry is mad because he did not get the referral. He didnt get the big case.

At 1:07 AM, The Advocate said...

The real question here is, who has Mauricio Celis represented in a courtroom?

Which courtroom and who was the Judge?

Now, there is something new to write about.

You know at one time, mainstream CC did not know Mikal's mother was the Judge but think WATT it would sound like to make the announcement today? This little ruse about Mauricio not being licensed is stale at best and way late. The bearer of this news is either very uninformed or has acquiesced and now finds it personally advantageous to bring it up now. But go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop. Blast away, after all; as far as credibility, you guys dont got anything to lose.

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Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket & the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions? Inroads (for GOP) into South Texas?

Word on the streets of Kleberg, Jim Wells and Nueces Counties:

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket and the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions? I understand from certain entities that Vela has been hiring young attorneys out of the small South Texas Towns for his new specialization. It is also whispered that Mr Vela met with a Federal Prosecutor last week to discuss Federal Judgeship Appointments.

Junior John has got to figure in this mix and Fil is the inroads (for Cornyn) into South Texas. We need to put a Big Stop Sign up in Robstown and inform them about Connie Scott as I understand Fil Vela is her campaign manager or treasurer (will check) and Mike Scott is a TLR guy with a title.

>Why hasn't anyone gone after Filemon personally as a way to derail Rose?

>If you go to and follow the instructions on finding out who
>gave to whom, how much, and when, then load up Filemon Vela as an
>Individual Search you'll see he's made significant contributions to two
>notorious politicians. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Senator Robert
>Menendez (D-NJ). Hunter is an undicted coconspirator in the very same mess
>that sent ex-rep "Duke" Cunningham's ass to prison recently, and Menendez
>is currently under federal investigation for shady real estate dealings by
>renting a building he owns to a non-profit and pocketing $300, 000.00 in
>taxpayer subsidies.

The Velas are strictly personal with me for reasons of
>>>>>extreme hubris on their parts. There's a rather simple story
>>>>>associated with all of this and it's one of an extremely cruel act on
>>>>>their part that I witnessed and in no way involved me beyond being a
>>>>>spectator. And it was at that time that they got on my shit list.
>>>>>That he's a spoiled brat millionaire and she's a jurist and both with
>>>>>political agendas is purely coincidental. I only want to teach them a
>>>>>lesson. Be nice to everybody...because some people won't give a damn
>>>>>who or what you are and will come after you. That's what guerillas do
>>>>>kingal...go after the bigger bullies of the world.
>>>>>Another coincidence is that I would appear to be an unpaid, unknown and
>>>>>coincidental campaign worker for Hinojosa. I'm not. I'm about as
>>>>>apolitical as they come. My own personal view is that we've long (if
>>>>>ever it was the case) passed the time when getting the right person in
>>>>>office is a viable solution. To me, it's not so much of getting the
>>>>>best person in...but keeping the worst asshole OUT. I'm just that
>>>>>simple man.

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BurkaBlog: Watts Gets Tough Reception at UT

BurkaBlog: Watts Gets Tough Reception at UT

Nice piece of work Paul. Why would anybody vote for a candidate who cannot challenge the incumbent in the General election.

It is a mistake to even address Rick although I believe he is a good man, he cannot pull the demographic needed to defeat Junior John.

right now is as good as it gets for the netroots progressives who are about two issues furthering pro choice and same sex marriage.

Not a reasonable group and they can care less about the other issues unless there is a vulnerability to exploit.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Corpus Christi Caller Times dont have that fire in their belly anymore. They're combing kenedeno websites daily. It's nice 2 know & nice 2 read

It is nice to know and nice to read your own styles are emulated and everyone knows it.

"what is there not to believe in complaint?

The Court Documents speak for themselves. The settlement game in the real world: "
let's just concentrate...     
on the construction figures,
shall we?

You'll see the final bottom line requires the factoring in...
of not just the material
and construction costs...
but also the architects' fees
and the cost of land servicing.

Oh, you left out a bunch of stuff.
Oh, really?

Like what, for instance?

  • First of all, you have to grease the local politicians...
for the sudden zoning problems
that always come up.
  • Then there's the kickbacks to the carpenters.
And if you plan on using any cement in this building...
  • I'm sure the teamsters would like to have...
a little chat with you, and that'll cost you.
  • Don't forget a little something for the building inspectors.

There's the long-term costs,
such as waste disposal.
  • I don't know if you're familiar with who runs that business...

but I assure you it's not the boy scouts.
That will be quite enough,
Mr. Melon.
Maybe bribes and kickbacks...
and Mafia payoffs are how you do business...

but they are not part of the legitimate business world...
and they're certainly
not part of anything...
I'm teaching in this class."

Do I make myself clear? Rodney Dangerfield Back to School.
Now back to the case of Bell:

There are questions of law and fact common to each class member that predominate over any questions affecting only individual class members. Such common questions include but are not limited to:
(1) the fiduciary duties owed by Hoeffner, Bilek and Bell to the Plaintiff Class

(2) The Hartford's knowledge of those duties;

(3) whether Hoeffner, Bilek and Bell breached their fiduciary duties;

(4) whether The Hartford participated in any such breaches of fiduciary duties by Hoeffner, Bilek and Bell;

(5) whether Defendants' conduct with respect to the Plaintiff Class was negligent or grossly negligent;

(6) whether Defendants' conduct caused injury and damages to the Plaintiff Class; and

(7) the appropriate remedies and measure of damages.

  • 24.
  • Hoeffner, Bilek and Bell breached their fiduciary duties to Plaintiffs and the Plaintiff Class and has caused them damages.

    I'm wondering why no one brought this scandal out when every other major city and newspapers exposed it. Corpus Christi. what a town.

    This conduct is only the tip of the iceberg.

    WATT is a "Title VII settlement with Bell and Hoeffner,"?
    IOLTA Foundation Trust Account at American Bank in Corpus Christi, Texas.the Bank that pulled the strings so bell could get paid and his clients paid

    Dont You mean WATT a town? The Corpus Christi Caller Times dont have that fire in their belly no more. They are combing kenedeno websites daily. It is nice to know and nice to read your own styles are emulated and everyone knows it.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Jaime Kenedeno"
    To: undisclosed-recipients, :
    Subject: Re: FEDERAL CASE
    Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 02:42:43 -0500

    I got the information and the Federal Case. I know much of this to be true, not all and will have to research.

    The attorney is Robert J Heil III he is an attorney. Something happened to him, At first he was a zealous advocate. I went to a Christmas party and many were in attendance whom I knew and was introduced to many other good people and many who knew who I was and did not know them. Robert Heil was open to taking the cases for the GI Forum. It is difficult to get an attorney to take cases like the ones at Del Mar without some upfront cash. Rowland Andrade convinced the girls to file the charges at the Police Station and then file the lawsuits with Robert Heil. I still believe the girls were victims of sexual harassment. Now, with Heil dropping the ball there appears to be much more than meets the eye.

    A few questions:

    Are there court records verifying this information with Andrade?

    Who investigated Mike Chavez?

    How do you know the above to be facts?

    Watts backed up Juan Garcia because he was challenged to help him.

    Rowland was involved with Joseph Barrientos and the County Court at Law of his (BARRIENTOS') wife.


    USER # 44: Are there court records verifying this information with Andrade? court reporter source: "yes. 148th. unless he tried to get it erased."

    The sexual assault on a child? I have those but they have been removed.

    Who investigated Mike Chavez? Del Mar College disgruntled employee: "andrade went and got his social and got defense records is what inside source told me in Solomon's camp."

    How do you know the above to be facts? "admissions and andrade telling Solomon camp during the time he was trying to blast Noyolas. bragging about it and wanted to make some sort of coalition or pack against noyolas.."

    politico source: "Watts backed up Juan Garcia because he was challenged to help him. From allison crowd that he had to punish Seaman and told Seaman to stay out of judicial races. informal agreements with plaintiff bar and seaman, told seaman to back off on judge and courthouse races. plaintiff bar took notion that seaman put up republican judicial candidates. it's not so much they loved juan, they wanted to screw seaman. Watts has turned on Juan to have him back off. check it out. watts saying now juan is a one term rep. maybe he's not a lackey for him in austin after 300, 000.00 or alternatively mikal thinking ahead on general election with cornyn making deals with repbulicans and throwing juan under the bus. look at campaign stuff and good government pac. things are not two dimensional here as most people see it."
    from Watts people:Beware. they are putting it out that watts gave many blog people tons of money not to blast him. is this true?

    Solomonistas backing noriego for primary and cornyn in november. that's politics. they hate watts that much. it will be covert op.

    Rowland was involved with Joseph Barrientos and the County Court at Law of his (BARRIENTOS') wife. :don't know about that or this andrade too much. why does everyone ask about this guy so much? is he a big shot or just an irritant?

    Sunday, August 5, 2007

    Corpus Christi Daily Digital: Mike Hummel: "I don't know anything about whats going on at the Caller Times".

    Corpus Christi Daily Digital: Mike Hummel: "I don't know anything about whats going on at the Caller Times".

    Corpus Christi Caller Times: After we finish with (this issue), Mr Mike Hummel will always remember to read the local internet and to give credit where credit is due.

    This morning I got a call that took me out on the streets. I needed a little punch so I put it on a Classic Rock Station expecting maybe some Hair of the Dog or War Pigs or maybe even Lovin You Sunday Morning or Proud Mary but it wasn't to be. I hear the end of a discussion with our Corpus Christi City Council Member stuck smack dab in the middle of that damn river.

    WATT River?...........

    Some begin to ponder, while there are others who know exactly where I am going with this River issue; after we finish with (this issue), Mr Mike Hummel will always remember to read the local internet and to give credit where credit is due.

    You know with the Memorial Coliseum I have not the sentimentality or passion like many of you guys possess and concurrently I dont believe it needs to be torn down. I was against anything that TRT wanted to bring to this town in light of what they left us upon departure.

    Some events and it might even be many events; cannot afford to use ABC Center; so it is not really a public arena like the Memorial Coliseum operated. Heck, many of us cannot afford to attend an event that is held in the ABC Center. So, tell us Mr. Hummel, Mr Burns and Mr Solis, will you make it affordable at least for our Local Goodwill Organizations like the Shriners to hold an event?

    Currently, the ABC Center is out of our Local Goodwill Organizations reach because of price?

    Now the Point at hand,

    The discussion was about the Memorial Coliseum and specifically about the hiring of a consultant and if the City of Corpus Christi is going to follow WATT ever the Consultant recommended.

    Corpus Christi City Councilman Hummel answered that the people have been included in the rounds of community input and public meetings.

    The host asked if the Corpus Christi City Council was going to ask the consultant to include the input or if it will factor in.

    Corpus Christi City Councilman Hummel quickly affirmed that the community's input has already been included.

    The host then connected like Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and the Great Bambino Himself; he asked Hummel if the Corpus Christi City Council is considering the input from all of the people at the Caller Times on the Coliseum issue?

    Mike Hummel answers "I don't know anything about whats going on at the Caller Times".

    The host says you dont know, you haven't read the article at the Caller Times about the Memorial Coliseum and the internet input and suggestions from the public, you arent going to consider that input?

    Hummel studdered 3 or 4 times and then a couple more times and then he said we got, we got people, we got other people on that, I think, I'm not a computer guy , but I think they are calling them something like blogs, Im not a computer guy, or something like that. Then continued the D NILE of the POWER OF THE INTERNET and the reality that the People are beginning to Engage themselves in the Formulation of Public Policy. Since you cant hear us Mr Hummel, let me yell a little louder and maybe everyone else will as well.

    Mr Hummel, that River's name; we call it D Nile, get out of it. In fact a big part of your electability came from the web community. Power of the Pen Mr Hummel. When coupled with facts only an idiot would be so ignorant to be unaware of what some people are calling blogs. The credibility (or not) is right there in black and white for everyone to read. Do you still want to claim that you havent tread the input at the Caller Times Community Input Forum? Although censored slightly it can give there are many souls participating. They are already pissed off and to think that our City Council is trying to act like they are unaware of our presence. That is unbelievable Mr Hummel.

    Nothing Personal MR Hummel, but I do believe you have a little bit of homework to do.

    "Engaging the average citizen in the formulation of Public Policy" is our mission @ Kenedeno & Associates. "The Net is a powerful force for change -- and a dynamic tool for citizen education and action. Read the latest research on citizen participation (ENGAGEMENT) online, the stories and experiences of coalitions, corporate clients, and others working in the cyber trenches, and discover the potential to become an active participant in online democracy.

    Political Pulse: San Patricio County Watchdog Authority

    Political Pulse: San Patricio County Watchdog Authority

    San Patricio County Watchdog Authority

    P-2votecanvassisng1109--CALLER TIMES PHOTO BY GEORGE GONGORA---San Patricio county judge, Terry Simpson shows numbers from vote convassing held today at San Patricio County Courthouse in Sinton that overturned the election in Juan Garcia's favor.

    setexasrec: If you disagree, I got 4 brand spankin new ones to put on your family vehicle; oh yeah & one spare just in case you survive the blow out.

    So WATT does this mean for Texas?

    Who is the author?

    After reading this article i got to believe the author is not familiar with the adversarial process or the article is pure prevarication. Who wants to buy a vehicle without laminated windows. I don't, but in Mikal's argument it was just mental re-enforcement for the jury and he is representing his client with zeal. .In layman terms Laminated glass, which is two layers of plate glass with plastic laminate in between, is used on automotive windshields. It has been used for decades to keep objects from easily getting through the windshield and entering the vehicle. The negative is it prevent easy exit should one need to break the glass in order to escape in a submerged situation or something of that nature.


    KENEDENO: "I say hot damn we got ourselves a fighter, and advocate. Now there's an attribute money cant buy, a game mentality moving unencumbered through legal birds nests and over hurdles to accomplish results.

    "Like a Pitbull in the Middle of a Bunch of Poodles upon Capitol Hill.

    The bottom line is the tire is faulty but it is cheaper to pay the injured and dead than it is to replace all of the tires on all of the brand new vehicles. Well, at least that was the word according bean counters (Actuarial Analysts). I bet they dont work there anymore, eh? When an automaker knows there is a faulty product that will "cause a death or two" and they acquiesce, or continue to produce the vehicle with the defective product and they dont recall the defective product for WATT ever reason they need to pay.

    Watt if you or your family member purchased a brand new Explorer or Expedition or
    Excursion. You plan a vacation and plot out your trip planning to stop for the young ones at the rest areas and to stretch the legs and maybe even swap drivers. Everybody has their pillow and their reading material or headphones and music, for the kids you had the video screen and dvd systenm installed and you even went the extra mile and installed a Playstation III for the kids and the kids at heart.

    So we are cruising and everyone is commenting on the comfort, the neat features, the enhanced entertainment, and the overall "On The Road" experience the new vehicle provides.

    The last thing on their mind is breaking down, needing to check the fluids every few miles, or rolling down the window because the air conditioning dont work. The passengers and the driver feel secure and safe; maybe they dont even buckle up.

    The next thing we know the vehicle has become impaired and unstable. The resulting tumbling, sliding, shattering of glass, screaming, and bending of metal that happens in less than a minute (but feels like a lifetime) comes to a rest and there is a eerie silence for a moment. Then the lucky ones can moan in their pain and the silent ones Vaya Con DIOS. How long before the Halo FLight? How long before rescue?

    And you come to find out you have lost 1 or 2 or 5 of your loved ones because of something that makes no sense at all.

    I am not talking about the Blowout people, I am talking about the decision made by the automaker that your loved ones were just another number, a casualty in the name of profits.

    Would you want an advocate fighting for your interests like Mikal Watts fights the giant automakers?

    If you disagree, I got 4 brand spankin new ones to put on your family vehicle; oh yeah and one spare just in case you survive the blow out.


    Mikal Watts' arguments

    8/4/2007 10:58 AM

    Three college girls are driving cross-country pulling a U-Haul trailer while simultaneously sharing a bag of marijuana. About 20 hours into the voyage, the driver brakes hard on a hill and loses control, sending the car off the side of the road.

    They weren't wearing seat belts.

    Was she high? Fatigued? Did she forget that breaking hard on a downslope while pulling a fully-stuffed U-Haul is a big no-no?

    Whatever. Represented by Corpus Christi plaintiff's lawyer Mikal Watts in a suburban Houston courtroom, she demanded millions in damages over the accident-- from a tire maker.

    No matter that Texas state investigators blamed the wreck on driver error and speeding, concluding the tires remained intact after the crash and worked just fine. Still, Watts argued they were wrong, that it wasn't her fault. He even demanded the judge declare a mistrial when the defense had the nerve to raise the girl's driving-while-pot smoking in court.

    Is this the kind of guy-- one who would make such a specious, if self-serving, argument with a straight face-- that we want representing Texas in the U.S. Senate?

    Mr. Watts, a 39-year-old mega-millionaire and judge's son who flies private, is traveling the state this summer, raising money and straining to re-define himself as a populist "everyman" in preparation for the Spring 2008 Democrat primary election.

    He made his bones making arguments like the aforementioned, suing automakers and other businesses. But suffice to say, he won't be bragging on the campaign trail about the "marijuana mistrial" or his lawsuit blaming Ford for an accident in which the driver was speeding, had been drinking and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

    The automaker was at fault because, according to Watts, it didn't laminate its side windows.

    Watts will also remain mum about the embarrassing hiccup in that Ford case-- when it was revealed mid-trial that one of his associate lawyers was dating one of the jurors. She had even helped him "recruit" two of the plaintiffs for Watts, evidence showed.

    Apparently under no ethical obligation to tell the court about this, Watts remained quiet and steadfast. It paid off-- he won a $31 million verdict.

    "Mikal Watts has spent his entire career fighting on behalf of average, working Texans," promised his spokesman in a recent interview.

    Don't believe it just because he says so.

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Corpus Christi Daily Digital: Linda was the first person in a Corpus Christi Public Housing Dev. to successfully run 4 pub office: a person who picked

    Corpus Christi Daily Digital: Linda was the first person in a Corpus Christi Public Housing Dev. to successfully run 4 pub office: a person who picked herself up by her bootstraps

    by hkarsh

    August 2, 2007

    I was a candidate for the Del Mar Board of Regents. I picked up the package to run for office. I am College Educated. I have several degrees. I'm pretty good at reading and writing contracts and such. I'm not a lawyer and believe me I could have used a lawyer to explain all the stuff I was responsible for and had to do. Del Mar wasn't going to explain it to me and the local party bosses wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Del Mar certainly wasn't going to help Linda whose brother they had railroaded out of a job. Now Linda was the first person in a Corpus Christi Public Housing development to successfully run for a public office and her neighbors were very proud of her. So here we have a person who picked herself up by her bootstraps with out the aid of the local democratic or republican bosses and won her election. So what do the local politicos do and that includes our slimy DA

    there's more at the link above

    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Corpus Christi Watchdog Authority: Fwd: [Bay of Pigs] Judge Westergren has been given the opportunity to produce the ...


    Did you not receive the attachment word doc? The original email went to you and a private investigator by the name of Don Shawver. Don Shawver conducted an investigation on DMC Regent Linda Garcia. We feel it is in the Public's Right to know the details of this investigation and the person or entity who funded it. Did the Caller Times hire Mr Shawver and if so why not the same scrutiny of all the other candidates? A DMC Public Records Requests turned out nothing significant except the fact that DMC answered it (the FOIA request) readily before the time period. I understand that there is an agreement between the In House Counsel (DMC) and the Caller as there is a recording of the in house counsel responding to what he believed to be a Caller TImes Reporter. The Reporter was questioning the in house counsel regarding the following published FOIA request:

    Corpus Christi Watchdog Authority: Fwd: [Bay of Pigs] Judge Westergren has been given the opportunity to produce the ...

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    The Serpent IN the Garden January 14, 1996 Houston: CCISD board President Henry Nuss AQUIESCED. CCISD eagerly supplied pedophile with young patients -

    If this was leaked to the media did the Caller Times tell us about this pedophile?

    Did the Caller publish any stories on this matter?

    And the CCISD Board did they inform the community?

    The Serpent IN the Garden January 14, 1996 Houston: CCISD board President Henry Nuss AQUIESCED. CCISD eagerly supplied pedophile with young patients - even after he had been publicly charged.

    CORPUS CHRISTI - James Plaisted was a respected child psychologist, a deacon in one of the city's largest Baptist congregations and the father of four.

    He also was a child molester so brazen he escorted little girls into church and fondled them under his coat while listening to the sermon.

    Parents knew. So did church pastors, school officials and state regulators. But few did anything to stop him, and those who tried were remarkably unsuccessful.

    It took 10 years to get Plaisted behind bars. Only he knows how many children he molested during that time.

    Last month, Plaisted - already serving a two-year federal prison term for luring a Texas patient to Boston to continue molesting her -was brought back to Corpus Christi in chains.

    He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting four girls and was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

    State regulators have yet to revoke his license to practice psychology.

    ""I think the Plaisted case is the model of what happens when the system fights with itself," said Susan Snyder, a Kingsville attorney and former prosecutor who tried to lock up Plaisted in 1992.

    ""Obviously, there have been safeguards in place to prevent this man all along, but either (state officials) were too lazy or too busy, or too scared of the politics of going and yanking this man's license," Snyder said. ""It's not the legal system failing. It's the people within the legal system that refuse to let the legal system work."

    It's not as if no one tried.

    Carmen Alvarado, the mother of the first child to accuse Plaisted more than 10 years ago, sought criminal charges against the therapist and filed an ethics complaint with the Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists. She alleged that Plaisted had fondled her son's penis during a late-night counseling session.

    Alvarado called the Parkdale Baptist Church, where Plaisted, 46, was a deacon.

    ""They said they were leaving it in God's hands," she recalled.

    ""I don't think they were thinking straight at the time."

    She went to other parents. She got no help.

    In the end, it was just her son's word against Plaisted, who told a Corpus Christi jury in 1986 that the 6-year-old child was a habitual liar and a pyromaniac who derived sexual excitement from setting fires. It didn't help that a new prosecutor was assigned to the case just before trial.

    The jury acquitted Plaisted; his practice continued.

    ""It made me mad because when I went for help, all I asked was for them to testify," Alvarado recalled. ""We lost because my son was the only witness we had."

    ""It was a very tough call to make," said another victim's mother. ""And looking back, I really should have crucified him, but I didn't. I chose not to after talking to my attorney. He told me it would just really traumatize my daughter."

    The Corpus Christi woman, who asked not to be identified, said she did confront Plaisted and his wife, who were neighbors in 1984, when her daughter was allegedly molested while spending the night with one of Plaisted's daughters.

    ""He did not deny it," she said. ""He said he could have done it

    in his sleep."

    Plaisted's wife laughingly added that she and her husband often made love at night, and he would not remember the next morning, the woman said.

    The woman, who was also a member of the Parkdale Baptist Church, recalled telling church officials later about Plaisted's molestations.

    ""But it didn't seem to make any difference," she said. ""The church really backed him up, and a lot of people left the church after that."

    Plaisted's attorney, Doug Tinker, refused to allow the Chronicle to interview his client. The criminal defense lawyer, who earlier this year represented Yolanda Saldivar, who was convicted of murdering Tejano star Selena, declined to discuss the Plaisted case.

    The victims' families have since sued the church for negligence, but Parkdale's lawyer argues the congregation should not be held responsible for Plaisted's actions.

    ""It would be the church's wish to get this thing resolved without causing any additional hurt to anyone," said attorney Van Huseman. But he added, ""If a child gets molested in the middle of the service, how does that get to be the pastor's fault?"

    Plaisted - a Nebraska native who served in the Army in Vietnam -came to Corpus Christi in 1982 with impeccable credentials, having earned his doctorate in clinical and child psychology from Auburn University in Alabama in 1981.

    He quickly built a private practice, and over the years, developed a good reputation as an expert on brain dysfunction.

    The Corpus Christi school district, along with local pediatricians, eagerly supplied him with young patients - even after he had been publicly charged. Members of the church also sought his help, and he had hospital privileges at the prestigious Driscoll Children's Hospital, a South Texas institution known both for quality care and charity.

    Neighbors described Plaisted as pleasant, reserved, well-spoken. He was methodical, they said, and liked to work on projects around the house.

    Plaisted recruited some of his victims from broken homes, showering the children with gifts, inviting them and their parents to Thanksgiving dinners. One 9-year-old girl who spent the night with Plaisted's daughter told prosecutors the psychologist molested her on the sofa in his living room while he and the children watched the movie "Home Alone"

    on video.

    He curried favor with his victims' parents by lending them money and refusing repayment, or by buying them air conditioners and other gifts. One mother even acted as a character witness for the therapist during the Alvarado trial, unaware that her own child was being molested.

    ""The bottom line is this guy had complaints filed against him at the psychology board - and they are serious - and the board doesn't notify the school about the complaints," said Jerry Boswell, director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a group funded by the Church of Scientology (SEE CORRECTION) that documents cases such as Plaisted's. ""And the school is still referring children to this guy."

    Corpus Christi school administrators said they used Plaisted infrequently for psychological testing of students, although school records and correspondence indicate he was a consultant from 1983 until he was indicted for child sexual assault in late 1992.

    School administrators have identified records of five students referred to him for psychological testing between 1985 and 1992. There are no records prior to 1985.

    School board President Henry Nuss, who has served on the board for seven years, said he first heard of the Plaisted case when he was contacted by the Houston Chronicle last week.

    ""We certainly should be more selective in who we're using," he said.

    After Plaisted was charged in the Alvarado case in April 1986, Robert J. Garcia, the school district's special education director, wrote to the state psychology board to ask about the psychologist's record. The agency's executive director replied that Plaisted's license had been suspended, but because the psychologist was in the process of suing to get it back, he remained licensed to practice. The letter gave no details about the nature of the complaints.

    ""He was given a clean bill of health by the only agency that had anything to say about it," said Dr. Adrian Haston, a psychologist who coordinates the school district's psychological services, and who, years ago, shared an office with Plaisted.

    Haston emphasized that none of the schoolchildren referred to Plaisted were molested. ""And we never had anything untoward, any problems of that sort," he said.

    Asked why the district would risk using a psychologist once accused of being a child molester, Haston replied, ""This is something the district did, and you can ask the director of special education why."

    Garcia said in a recent telephone interview that he could not remember whether he knew about the child molestation charges at the time he wrote to the psychology board.

    ""All I know is we asked for what his status was and they said he could still practice," he said. ""We knew he was under review, but we didn't know what for.

    ""Look, the state board of psychologists, they're the ones that allowed him to continue to practice," Garcia added angrily.

    ""If anyone should be asked as to why this guy was allowed to continue, it should be the state board of psychology."

    Pressed for further details, Garcia abruptly ended the interview and hung up the phone.

    Although Plaisted was acquitted in August 1986 in the Alvarado case, the psychology board continued its investigation and ruled in November of that year that Plaisted had violated professional standards.

    The board officially suspended his license for two years, but said he would be allowed to resume his practice in three months.

    Meanwhile, Plaisted challenged the suspension in state district court in Austin, arguing the psychology board had unfairly considered allegations that had not been introduced during his hearing, denying him the opportunity to defend himself against them. The judge agreed, and in January 1987 reversed Plaisted's suspension.

    While the board was investigating Plaisted's case, they were contacted by Corpus Christi psychologist George Kramer.

    Kramer, who had hired Plaisted in 1982 before Plaisted was licensed, told the board to subpoena records of the state Department of Human Resources. It did, and found other instances of alleged molestation by Plaisted.

    In April 1989, the board reached an agreement with the psychologist that allowed him to keep his license if he agreed to be supervised for 11/2years. Plaisted was to treat children only in the presence of an associate or in a location where he could be observed by a television monitor. He also was to pay to have Corpus Christi psychologist Joseph Horvat supervise his casework.

    Horvat met with Plaisted weekly, but after a year - convinced that Plaisted was doing nothing wrong - he recommended the supervision be terminated six months early. The board decided to continue the supervision.

    ""I have found no evidence in any way, shape or form of any behavior on his part which could be in any way construed as unprofessional or unethical," Horvat wrote to the board.

    Included in one of his reports to the board was a review of Plaisted's treatment of an 8-year-old girl - a child Plaisted was later charged with molesting.

    The board's general counsel, Barbara Holthaus, acknowledged past actions taken by the agency were inadequate.

    ""With hindsight, of course it wasn't appropriate, because look at what happened," Holthaus said. But she said the board has since added lay people to its ranks and has a new, tougher state law giving it better enforcement powers.

    ""Now, if we get a report that a psychologist is molesting a client, we can go before a judge and say we want to temporarily suspend the license," she said.

    Holthaus said the board has filed a motion to revoke Plaisted's license, but Plaisted is fighting it.

    ""It's all kind of moot, because he's incarcerated," she said.

    Soon after Plaisted completed his board-ordered supervision, Corpus Christi police received new information from state child welfare workers that Plaisted had been molesting girls at his office, in church and at home in his hot tub.

    Former detective Eric Michalak, who now works in Colorado, remembered taking the Plaisted case to a Nueces County assistant district attorney for prosecution.

    ""He wanted to get a warrant for the doctor and arrest him, because we had very strong evidence against him," Michalak said. ""We had multiple victims and you had a guy in the position he was in, where he had access to all these victims.

    You would want to take quick action rather than let it go on for so long."

    The prosecutor was overruled by then-District Attorney Grant Jones, Michalak said. ""(Jones) just said, `We're not getting a warrant. We're taking our time.' He wanted the kids reinterviewed by one of the prosecutors.

    ""Any time you go after someone like that, there's a lot of politics that come into play," Michalak added. ""Instead of stepping in right then, and bringing it out in the open and taking it to a grand jury (for indictment), they delayed."

    Jones contends that any delay in prosecution was an effort ""to tie the case down tight. We didn't want to lose him twice,"

    said Jones, on whose watch Plaisted was acquitted in the Alvarado case.

    Jones called it ""outrageous" the psychology board still hasn't revoked Plaisted's license.

    ""They should have done it in 1986," he said. ""What they want to do is wait around until you go to trial and you convict him, and then they come in behind your conviction and revoke his license. Well, what's he doing in the meantime? He could be out in the community molesting kids for two years."

    Michalak said the case was finally taken to the grand jury several months later after he leaked the information about Plaisted's investigation to the local media.

    ""It was taking too long, and it wasn't being handled like another case," he said. ""And it was because he was so prominent in the community."

    Plaisted was finally indicted in Corpus Christi in October 1992. He posted bond, closed his practice in Corpus Christi, and negotiated an agreement with the psychology board to place his license on inactive status until he could prove his innocence.

    He then moved to Boston, where he enrolled in Boston University Law School and successfully completed his first year of studies by May 1994.

    While in law school, Plaisted began calling a former patient - the girl whose treatment Horvat had reviewed in Corpus Christi. Plaisted convinced the girl's mother - who was also a patient of his - to bring the girl to Boston for additional therapy.

    Plaisted's plans were foiled when a policeman setting up a speed trap in his neighborhood accidentally intercepted on his police radio a sexually explicit telephone call between the girl and Plaisted, who was using a cordless phone.

    FBI agents were called in, six other calls were taped, and Plaisted was arrested on June 3, 1994, after he met the girl, then 13, and her mother at the train station and took them to a budget motel.

    ""The mother wasn't aware" of the molestations, said Adolfo Aguilo, an assistant Nueces County district attorney. ""The mother had a borderline personality disorder - she developed dependency on people -and unfortunately for her the person she developed a dependency on was Dr. Plaisted."

    Sgt. Michael Harpster, a police detective from suburban Boston who helped arrest Plaisted, described him as ""very congenial, almost shy."

    ""He'd answer questions very courteously, but he didn't show any outward signs of knowing the seriousness of the situation," Harpster said.

    Last January, Plaisted was sentenced by a federal judge in Boston to a two-year prison term after he pleaded guilty to transporting a minor across state lines to engage in illegal sexual activity.

    The Corpus Christi conviction and sentence came almost a year later.

    In the end, Plaisted admitted molesting four victims. But prosecutors say no one will ever know how many others failed to come forward.

    ""I imagine there could be several other victims. Through his practice and the church he probably had access over the years to thousands of children," said Aguilo, the Corpus Christi prosecutor who eventually secured Plaisted's guilty plea.

    ""To me, any kid that came in contact with this guy was a victim in some way or another," added Michalak.

    When Plaisted was sentenced last month, it was a bitter emotional meeting for many of his young victims and their parents, who had been called as witnesses in case Plaisted decided against the plea bargain.

    Parents said Plaisted stood up straight, held his head high and looked the judge in the eye. And when he saw the relatives of his former victims, he acted as if he were attending a reunion of old friends, they said. One parent said Plaisted looked as if he thought they were there as supporters or character witnesses.

    ""He turned around and gave the families a big smile," Alvarado said. ""I couldn't believe it."

    Alvarado, who sued Plaisted in civil court, has received a settlement for an undisclosed amount. Her son, now a teen-ager, is still struggling with his past abuse, she said, and she continues to feel betrayed by those who would not join her in speaking out years ago.

    ""I told them if they had helped me in the beginning, none of this would have happened," she said.

    Plaisted timeline

    Key dates in the career of Dr. James R. Plaisted:

    January 1983: Licensed to practice psychology in Texas.

    October 1984: Investigated by Texas Department of Human Resources for allegedly molesting a neighbor's child.

    April 1986: Charged in criminal case for allegedly fondling a boy during therapy.

    August 1986: Acquitted by jury in Corpus Christi.

    October 1992: Indicted for sexual abuse of three Corpus Christi girls.

    December 1992: Closed Corpus Christi office; moved to Boston to begin law school.

    June 1994: Arrested by FBI agents for luring a 13-year-old former Corpus Christi patient to Boston.

    January 1995: Indicted by Corpus Christi grand jury on three counts of aggravated sexual assault for incidents years earlier involving the same girl.

    January 1995: Sentenced to two years in federal prison in Boston case.

    Dec. 7, 1995: Sentenced to 40 years in state prison by a Corpus Christi judge after pleading guilty to five counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Telemundo South Texas: Is this Man fit to be caged?

    Telemundo South Texas: Is this Man fit to be caged?

    Look in their EYES. What do you feel?

    Look in their EYES.  What do you feel?
    GOD of Love, A Good Soul's
    Spirit Censored or an Evil Deed
    deserved of a Life Sentence.
    Is this Man fit to be caged?

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Telemundo South Texas: BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO Advertisers & Corporate Conglomerates who claim lip service to "COMMUNITY AFFAIRS".

    Telemundo South Texas: BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO Advertisers & Corporate Conglomerates who claim lip service to "COMMUNITY AFFAIRS".

    Beware of the Progressive Bandwagon & at least you guys had a good template to follow. No need to say anything else right guys? This cause needs a target for a concentrated effect moving the steadfast who remain unrebuffed. We need the corporations and the companies that hire the raw labor to be able to benefit from the labor and process the worker class of mejicano as Corporate America strives and works in the lobby and underneath whispers to process the Asian Technology Class ala PING. I will direct you to center stage with Johnny Canales. "Take It Away",........ "Esso". Is that how you spell it.


    Here is some energy for your BOYCOTT TELEMUNDO & Breach of Contract Litmus Test.

    Press Release: National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet Rapidly Inbox

    "H. Goodson"
    hide details 2:54 am (5 minutes ago)


    Jaime Kenedeno ,,,,,,,
    g ,,,,,,,,,

    Jul 13, 2007 2:54 AM

    Press Release: National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet Rapidly


    National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet

    E-mail has also crossed U.S. borders into other
    countries around the world!

    By H. Nelson Goodson
    El Conquistador Newspaper
    3206 W. National Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    July 13, 2007

    Milwaukee- An e-mail calling for national action and
    the financial management of our economic purchasing
    power by Latinos and immigrants to influence
    immigration reform is circulating and spreading like
    wild fire on the Internet. Even, conservative and
    anti-immigrant groups have posted the e-mail on their
    web sites. The posted on their web
    page, “We won round 1. NEW Immigration fights are
    gearing up. WATCH where you spend your money $$$ !!
    DON'T relax. The fight is not over YET. Supporters of
    Amnesty are already gearing up for the next round. We
    cannot rest on our laurels until we pass legislation
    that prevents any future Amnesty bill from ever

    The e-mail has also crossed the United States border
    into other countries. The circulating e-mail reads,
    last month’s decision by the U.S. Senate to block an
    immigration bill has left Immigration reformist around
    the country debating about what alternatives are left
    and how to bring an immigration bill back to the
    floor. The Senate’s decision to block any action in
    approving a bill has for now sealed its fate. Will the
    House now have enough support to revive the issue?
    Probably not, and advocates for a just immigration
    bill will now have to wait until after the 2008
    Presidential elections.
    Will the current Presidential candidates take up the
    debate and promise to support and sign a comprehensive
    immigration bill into law as President George W. Bush
    has agreed to do so? We might have to wait for an
    answer from the candidates.
    Undocumented immigrants contribute more than 890
    billion of dollars into our U.S. economy per year.
    Millions of americans who support immigration reform,
    including immigration advocacy groups, educators,
    community based organizations, unions and members of
    the entertainment industry as well as major Latino
    owned businesses, food processors, financial
    institutions, mortgage firms, corporations,
    manufacturers, and the list continues, have and will
    continue to contribute just as much into our economy.
    Last year and including May 1, 2007, the immigrant
    population, their families, friends and supporters for
    immigration reform have marched in huge numbers
    totaling millions throughout cities around the
    country. Their ability to organize and vote resulted
    in the unexpected control of both houses by Democrats.
    Even President Bush surrounded by his cabinet with
    frowning looks conceded defeat live on national news
    Immigrants, advocacy groups and supporters have united
    for a common cause throughout the nation. Their
    efforts have yet to be taken seriously by those
    opposing the legalization of the 12 million
    undocumented immigrants already in the country.
    What alternatives do immigrants have for now to get
    the immigration issue resolve in the near future?
    Immigration advocates could argue by looking at the
    current situation that undocumented immigrants are
    left with few options. But today, there is one
    rewarding option which has not been fully utilized by
    Immigrants need an effective strategy for financial
    management of their economic purchasing power which
    totals in the billions of dollars to influence
    immigration reform. People from across the country
    have suggested for financial management of our
    expenditures and are waiting for the inevitable. The
    national call for action is the inevitable.
    Our success to bring about a just immigration reform
    depends on every individual and persons willing to
    adjust their spending practices. Today, we spend our
    money just about anywhere and on anything without
    realizing who actually ends up with our money. The
    Senate’s decision to block immigration reform sends
    the wrong message that undocumented immigrants from
    Russia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mexico
    and all over the world are not welcome in America,
    especially when they help contribute to their state
    and cities' economy and cultural wealth.
    On September 17, we should begin to invest, shop and
    spend our money in businesses and entities that
    support immigration reform. We have a grace period
    from now until September to begin adjusting our
    expenditures by shopping in places that are willing to
    post a sign in the window saying “We Support
    Immigration Reform Now” and display a copy of a
    certified letter sent to their Congress and U.S.
    Senate Representative requesting support. If they
    don’t know about it, feel free to advise them to post
    one up as soon as they can.
    Once we are able to manage our purchasing power as a
    united effort throughout the nation, then we can
    accomplish our quest to influence the passage of a
    just immigration reform. Why has September 17 been
    chosen as the target date to actually begin our full
    strategic action throughout the nation. It’s the day
    after the well celebrated 16 de septiembre la
    Independencia de Mexico. On September 16, numerous
    communities with largely Hispanic populations
    throughout our nation recognize and celebrate the
    Independence of Mexico, which has been commercialized
    by this country. It’s a celebration where non
    Hispanics also take time to go out and consume Mexican
    products, eat tacos and enjoy Mariachi music.
    Opponents of immigration reform claim that a large
    portion of Hispanics in the country are undocumented.
    In conjunction with September, Hispanic Heritage month
    begins and will no doubt provide awareness of how
    truly Hispanics and immigrants have contributed to our
    nation. As a nation, we recognize the achievements and
    contributions Latinos and non Latinos have done while
    working along side each other for the welfare,
    freedom, liberty, economic success, and especially for
    those brave women and men who have given their lives
    as the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and
    uphold the U.S. Constitution.

    Jaime Kenedenos message to the Vatican: Apologize & Do the right thing!