Friday, December 29, 2006

Google Yourself Corpus Christi>>The Billboard Ad & Dan Alfaro: It's about making a point

Local lawyers have entertained, perplexed and informed residents for many years with advertisements that range from the quirky to the political. Who can forget commercials by Robert Brunkenhoefer, giving his phone number in Spanish: "Ocho, Ocho, Ocho-Ocho, Ocho, Zero, Ocho."
Attracting clients isn't always the goal, some attorneys say.
"I have all the business I need. It's about making a point," said lawyer Dan Alfaro, who has a half dozen billboards up in the Coastal Bend, including those of the past saying such things as: :
"If your child is in a gang it's your fault," and "Abused by the IRS? Write your U.S. Senator."
"It's better saying that than 'Hire Dan Alfaro' and showing a wrecked car," Alfaro said.
An advertising campaign by Perry & Haas, LLP, accentuates social change resulting from its victories, rather than the accompanying big-money awards. One commercial features cars and trucks whose dangerous designs were changed in later models because of litigation. Another points out that the ordinance requiring fencing around swimming pools resulted from court cases.
"Most advertising is to raise the profile of the advertiser," said Pat Shackleford, a partner in the firm. "Ours also raise the awareness of what can come from litigation."
Alfaro said every once in a while someone will call after reading on of his signs.
"Some call because they think I'm egocentric and some call because they think I'm an S.O.B. But either way, I make my point."

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gene Seaman Carlos Valdez Rose Vela Rebecca Stutts Manuel Banales Carl Lewis Pete Alavarez, Jr. Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. Joe Gonzalez Randy Wright H.C.

GOVERNMENT Gene Seaman Texas State Representative
GOVERNMENT Carlos Valdez District Attorney
GOVERNMENT Rose Vela State District Judge
GOVERNMENT Rebecca Stutts Interim Sheriff
GOVERNMENT Manuel Banales State Judge
GOVERNMENT Carl Lewis Juvenile Court Judge
GOVERNMENT Pete Alavarez, Jr. Police Chief
GOVERNMENT Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. County Party Chairman
GOVERNMENT Joe Gonzalez Justice of the Peace
GOVERNMENT Randy Wright Police Chief
GOVERNMENT H.C. "Chuck" Cazalas County Commissioner
GOVERNMENT Henry Garrett Mayor of Corpus Christi
GOVERNMENT Betty Jean Longoria County Commissioner
GOVERNMENT Mary Kay Fischer City Attorney


George Hodge City Program Director


Armando Chapa City Secretary


Angel Escobar City Engineer


Mark Scott Council Member


Bill Kelly Council Member
GOVERNMENT Jesse Noyola Council Member
GOVERNMENT Brent Chesney Council Member
GOVERNMENT Diana Barrera County Clerk
GOVERNMENT Jerry Garcia Council Member


Georgia Neblett City of Port Aransas Mayor


Ramiro Canales Tax Assessor- Collector


Rex Kinnison Council Member


Ruben Bonilla Port Commissioner


George "Skip" Noe City Manager
GOVERNMENT Herbert Canales Director of Libraries
GOVERNMENT Terry Carter President and Chief Executive Officer
GOVERNMENT John Hornsby Forensic Investigator
GOVERNMENT Marty Johnson, Ph.D. Chairman
GOVERNMENT Danny Adams Aransas County Commissioner
GOVERNMENT Daniel Garza Candidate
GOVERNMENT Oscar Martinez Assistant city manager

Monday, December 25, 2006

Google Yourself Corpus Christi: Joe A Ortiz, Carlos Garcia, Del Mar College, DMC Board of Regents

Should step down

We know that Del Mar College President Carlos Garcia is responsible to the Board of Regents. However, President Garcia should be more responsible to the public. His actions are compromising education at Del Mar.

Del Mar President Garcia should relinquish his position until the present investigation is completed.

The board is doing a disservice to the public by keeping Del Mar President Garcia as president while there is a cloud of suspicion and his integrity is being questioned and investigated.

Joe Ortiz

(Civil Rights Director,

National GI Forum)

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Smile for the camera

Google yourself

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