Saturday, November 1, 2008

Solomon P. Ortiz: The Obama campaign was "bullying" him out of the page he built.

Who benefited from the legislation Capelo wrote? On the outside, it looks like he wrote the legislation for the doctors who practiced medicine in this day of "lawsuit abuse".

Solomon P. Ortiz: The Obama campaign was "bullying" him out of the page he built.

Threats to affect & harm one's livelihood so as to censor free speech>.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg: Fwd: [Corpus Christi Caller Times] Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial rel...

Tip of the Iceberg: Fwd: [Corpus Christi Caller Times] Remember the Cucuy vs Two Fer adversarial rel...

Let the ELite Cannibalize themselves.
Personally,only one of those men have sat down, agreed and moved to align with myself (& LOS KENEDENOS) but ignorantly failed to heed the crucial advice (PUT UP A BIG STOP SIGN IN ROBSTOWN) and failed to build a working relationship with Homero. As for TWO FER, now there is a Drama King and the DRAMA is only beginning.

We are only seeing the Tip of the Iceberg: kenedeno

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sandra Watts was an educator before earning her law degree

Post 126 Re: "I don't think Guy Watts and Mikal Watts are father/son....I know as a FACT that he does have a son...Guy Watts, Jr."

Guy Watts Jr. is Mikal's brother.

The Honorable Judge Sandra Watts is their mother.

Sandra Watts was an educator before earning her law degree.

"He (Mikal) also learned the value of hard work and persistence from his mother, who, after teaching school for eight years, went back and forth between two cities three times a week to attend law school in Houston while raising four school-age children in Corpus Christi."

Dear Mr Rangel,

The Caller Times continues to censor and manipulate public input while using the same censored material in their own articles and claiming it as their own work product. Below, the most recent material submitted to be included in the public comments for public viewing. On a positive note, we take it as a compliment.


Anton Haley

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jaime Kenedeno <>
Date: Dec 11, 2007 11:06 PM
Subject: Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007

WATT a Scam.....
Posted on December 11, 2007 at 10:57:25 PM by Jaime Kenedeno

Guy Watts filed for divorce on last Friday 12/07/2007. History demonstrates that he has taken her back after filing for divorce 2 or 3 other times. Each time they patched things up $ Guy dismissed the case. I am not privy to the details but it appears his kindness was mistaken for his weakness. Of course, she wanted to stay living in the house however; she obviously didn't want him around performing his husbandly duties.

The husband has initiated divorce proceedings against Kimberly Kay Watts on three previous occasions. Each time he has relinquished (filed for non suit) which IMO shows he let her back in the marriage, he wanted to work things out and (that) she wanted to remain married to the man.




On Friday 12/07/2007 the husband filed for divorce for the 4th time.


Kimberly Kay Watts filed her answer on 12/11/2007 but, most likely learned of the filing on 12/09/2007 or 12/10/2007 and it is probable Kimberly Kay Watts was not a happy camper.

Kimberly Kay Watts is not listed with her husband as an owner of the Ocean Drive Property or any other property in Nueces County.

As far as Del Mar having problems, Guy is not the problem. Carlos Garcia, Ann Matula, John Graham and Judge Westergren along with the Fultonian Regents like Dawod, Adler, Mc Cambell, and Boggs who look the other way and cover up fiascos like the Teresa Cox Sexual Harassment Litigation including corroborated sex and pornography allegations against Judge Westergren and the Port Royal Alcohol/Sex incident in which Jose Rivera's initial investigation covered up both the alcohol and the sex. A hindsight investigation turned up a minuscule number of alcohol incidents and flat out denied the sex but expelled one female student for performance of sexual favors but administratively cited another reason for the expulsion.

Experience is a great teacher. I believe Mrs Kim Watts is pulling a "Dennis Rodman"; a tactical posture to "get the house".

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Google Yourself Corpus Christi: Gossip of South Texas Chismosos, go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop! LOL!


In the latest South Texas Independent Journalists Association (STIJA) survey, the public is demanding that Congressman Solomon Ortiz, his former aide Lencho "El Pescado" Rendon and State Senator "Sucio" Eddie Lucio should spend time in prison for their roles in the $21 million Port of Brownsville heist.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gossip of South Texas Chismosos, go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop! LOL!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

This article in today's San Antonio Express-News reads like a telenovela. Here are some excerpts, but you really need to read the whole article:
... Owner of a law firm that regularly refers high-dollar cases to the city's most powerful litigators, Celis developed a reputation as a generous player, handing out fat checks to Democratic candidates, hosting fundraisers and serving on the board of Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi.
..."Mauricio Celis with the law firm of CGT Law Group International does not have a law license in the state of Texas nor does he have a license to practice law anywhere in the world," announced Henry in the paid TV spot.
... In Texas, the unauthorized practice of law is a felony. It is also illegal for lawyers to share fees with non-lawyers or for non-lawyers to own an interest in a law firm, with certain narrow exceptions.

And according to the State Bar, Celis is not licensed to practice law in Texas.

Still, newspaper articles and even Texas Monthly have regularly identified him as a lawyer.
... Other Corpus Christi firms are believed to have taken lucrative referrals from CGT. But with Celis now under attack, not all of them wanted to confirm it.
... Mikal Watts, an even bigger fish in the local legal pond, acknowledged the relationship, but downplayed it.

"It's not a major part of my business. There may have been one or two cases in the past few years," he said.
I expect there'll be a few more developments on this story. Did any of the law firms that took referrals from CGT know that Celis was not licensed to practice law? Did any of them share fees with him?

A frequent commenter on this blog, Jaime Kenedeno, seemed to know about the relationship between Watts and Celis over a year ago. See his comment on " Sitting Judge - No Class" - January 6, 2006.


At 11:35 AM, DAC said...

problem is, I don't think the same rules apply in Mexico regarding a law office and a license, so these case runners set up "firms" in Mexico to funnel the cases (usually involving death cases of Mexican Nationals living in the US at the time of death) It is a major operation and not specifically illegal, thought the larger firms tend to use "buffers" - remembert the godfather - yea buffas...lots o buffas

At 12:47 AM, The Advocate said...

This is old news. It is common knowledge Maurico Celis has never held a JD or State BAR License.

Why now?

Why did Vance move to California?

When we revealed this information, nobody gave a damn.

And now?

TJ Henry, his actions speak for themselves.

Mauricio possesses a clientèle niche and is the manager of CGT Group. As far as referrals, it would be imprudent to turn down clients because a non attorney acting as an agent is the "referrer".

If I bring a high dollar case to any attorney,I expect to be compensated accordingly. We dont call it a referral fee as I am not referring the case. I bet Les Cassidy, TJ Henry, Abel Cavada and every other attorney rewards people who bring them money making cases. That is the real world people. The laws were made to allow attorneys to retain an inside track and charge the high rates. If the BAR had it their way, there would be no internet access to the written law. It is called a housekeeping issue.

Henry is mad because he did not get the referral. He didnt get the big case.

At 1:07 AM, The Advocate said...

The real question here is, who has Mauricio Celis represented in a courtroom?

Which courtroom and who was the Judge?

Now, there is something new to write about.

You know at one time, mainstream CC did not know Mikal's mother was the Judge but think WATT it would sound like to make the announcement today? This little ruse about Mauricio not being licensed is stale at best and way late. The bearer of this news is either very uninformed or has acquiesced and now finds it personally advantageous to bring it up now. But go for it guys, y'all got yourselves a humdinger of a scoop. Blast away, after all; as far as credibility, you guys dont got anything to lose.

Jaime Kenedenos message to the Vatican: Apologize & Do the right thing!