Friday, December 29, 2006

Google Yourself Corpus Christi>>The Billboard Ad & Dan Alfaro: It's about making a point

Local lawyers have entertained, perplexed and informed residents for many years with advertisements that range from the quirky to the political. Who can forget commercials by Robert Brunkenhoefer, giving his phone number in Spanish: "Ocho, Ocho, Ocho-Ocho, Ocho, Zero, Ocho."
Attracting clients isn't always the goal, some attorneys say.
"I have all the business I need. It's about making a point," said lawyer Dan Alfaro, who has a half dozen billboards up in the Coastal Bend, including those of the past saying such things as: :
"If your child is in a gang it's your fault," and "Abused by the IRS? Write your U.S. Senator."
"It's better saying that than 'Hire Dan Alfaro' and showing a wrecked car," Alfaro said.
An advertising campaign by Perry & Haas, LLP, accentuates social change resulting from its victories, rather than the accompanying big-money awards. One commercial features cars and trucks whose dangerous designs were changed in later models because of litigation. Another points out that the ordinance requiring fencing around swimming pools resulted from court cases.
"Most advertising is to raise the profile of the advertiser," said Pat Shackleford, a partner in the firm. "Ours also raise the awareness of what can come from litigation."
Alfaro said every once in a while someone will call after reading on of his signs.
"Some call because they think I'm egocentric and some call because they think I'm an S.O.B. But either way, I make my point."

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CC Watchdog Authority said...

corpus christi billboards: Talk the talk but are you willing to walk the walk (put it in writing)?

The Advocate said...

NUECES COUNTY - A local construction firm is suing Nueces County over the way the county handled contract negotiations for the Heritage Park Fairgrounds in Robstown.

Fulton Coastcon and Zachry-Teal Construction companies submitted proposals to build a 140,000 square foot covered arena. At the Dec. 20 commissioner's court meeting, both proposals were supposed to be read aloud, along with the cost, and then the project committee was suppose to make their recommendation.

Fulton Coastcon representatives claim the county purchasing agent didn't allow its project cost to be read aloud. Zachry-Teal won the bid. Their cost was about $100,000 more than Fulton's.

Jaime Kenedenos message to the Vatican: Apologize & Do the right thing!