Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket & the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions? Inroads (for GOP) into South Texas?

Word on the streets of Kleberg, Jim Wells and Nueces Counties:

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket and the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions? I understand from certain entities that Vela has been hiring young attorneys out of the small South Texas Towns for his new specialization. It is also whispered that Mr Vela met with a Federal Prosecutor last week to discuss Federal Judgeship Appointments.

Junior John has got to figure in this mix and Fil is the inroads (for Cornyn) into South Texas. We need to put a Big Stop Sign up in Robstown and inform them about Connie Scott as I understand Fil Vela is her campaign manager or treasurer (will check) and Mike Scott is a TLR guy with a title.

>Why hasn't anyone gone after Filemon personally as a way to derail Rose?

>If you go to www.fec.gov and follow the instructions on finding out who
>gave to whom, how much, and when, then load up Filemon Vela as an
>Individual Search you'll see he's made significant contributions to two
>notorious politicians. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Senator Robert
>Menendez (D-NJ). Hunter is an undicted coconspirator in the very same mess
>that sent ex-rep "Duke" Cunningham's ass to prison recently, and Menendez
>is currently under federal investigation for shady real estate dealings by
>renting a building he owns to a non-profit and pocketing $300, 000.00 in
>taxpayer subsidies.

The Velas are strictly personal with me for reasons of
>>>>>extreme hubris on their parts. There's a rather simple story
>>>>>associated with all of this and it's one of an extremely cruel act on
>>>>>their part that I witnessed and in no way involved me beyond being a
>>>>>spectator. And it was at that time that they got on my shit list.
>>>>>That he's a spoiled brat millionaire and she's a jurist and both with
>>>>>political agendas is purely coincidental. I only want to teach them a
>>>>>lesson. Be nice to everybody...because some people won't give a damn
>>>>>who or what you are and will come after you. That's what guerillas do
>>>>>kingal...go after the bigger bullies of the world.
>>>>>Another coincidence is that I would appear to be an unpaid, unknown and
>>>>>coincidental campaign worker for Hinojosa. I'm not. I'm about as
>>>>>apolitical as they come. My own personal view is that we've long (if
>>>>>ever it was the case) passed the time when getting the right person in
>>>>>office is a viable solution. To me, it's not so much of getting the
>>>>>best person in...but keeping the worst asshole OUT. I'm just that
>>>>>simple man.

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